by author Harry Sneed III March 22, 2020

We need to use this pandemic to put the “United” back into the United States by coming together as a nation and sounding our social distancing as a wake-up call to heighten the preparedness, strength and resolve of each American citizen when future worse catastrophic events happen.”
-Harry Sneed III

Image: CDC/Alissa Eckert, MS; Dan Higgins, MAMS

Dear America,

Please take ten minutes out of your “social distancing” time to read this entire blog. It could just save your life and help in creating www.acureforthecoronavirus.com 

While the media (and other unseen sinister forces) has stirred mass hysteria and has cause tremendous amounts of fear and financial stress on the common American citizen. Thus, habitually continuing to divide our great country and bring it to economic failure. The fact is, there’s always two ways you can approach every situation. This coronavirus pandemic is no different. The first way is to fall into the trap of the media and let it scare you. You can use your social distancing time to plug your brain into the news and increase your blood pressure, stress your heart and send your anxiety level into overdrive. This option fuels the fire of hysteria and causes a domino effect that brings companies, economies and countries to their knees. 

The media LOVES this. Let me enlighten you on why they enjoy this so much. 

Not too long ago, American found its entertainment and information in the form of a few TV networks and newspapers. These media giants made lots of money and became very powerful. But since the event of the internet, Americans now have massive other sources of entertainment and information. Now, instead of watching the 9:00 news on a handful of different TV channels, you can watch millions of other more interesting videos on Youtube. You can also read blogs or hang out on social medias like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. The entertainment and information options via the internet are limitless.

The news media giants HATE THIS. Less viewers, mean less people to watch their paid advertisement spots i.e. their commercials. Companies can now get customers by directly target marketing social medias specifically by their age, interests and Google searches. Why would they spend their advertising dollars on blanket marketing via news outlets? They wouldn’t and don’t. Therefore, less viewers and advertisers on news media TV and websites means less revenue in their bank accounts. The money and power that they once possessed is being depleted by internet competition. 

So what’s their solution to get more viewers to come to their TV news shows and websites? CREATE FAKE NEWS, OVER-SENSATIONALIZE EVERYTHING AND STIR FEAR, DISTRUPTION AND CONFLICT. We’ve seen it happening for years now. They’ve become deceitful experts at it. And when they act out their manipulations and deceptions, what do we do? We turn to the same old media giants who we’ve turn to in the past to find out what all the excitement is. Thus, these media giants sit back and smile at the ignorance and gullibility of the masses who are asses as more money from paid advertisements and click-baits fills their corrupt coffers. Does that make sense to you?

So, as stated, you can become a media puppet and fear this pandemic and let all this “social distancing” destroy you emotionally, physically and financially and separate and destroy our great nation…


You can beat the news media (and the other sinister forces) at their own game by viewing this pandemic and our mandated “social distancing” not as a curse or bad thing. But actually, as an incredible blessing and an extremely positive time for all Americans. 

Here’s how and why. While not discounting the validity of the coronavirus and the lives that have been lost and will be lost, in the big picture of humanity’s health and welfare, it’s no bubonic plague that killed one third of Europe’s population (20-30 million people) in a swift and horrendous manner. This pandemic is also not a nuclear bomb set off in a major city by terrorists. That kills hundreds of thousands and causes mass destruction. It’s not a rouge meteor heading for earth whose impact could cause the extinction of mankind. Compared to the Coronavirus pandemic, all of these other atrocities will have an astronomically higher mortality rate. Not to mention the massive amounts of destruction to our infrastructures, the loss of our utilities and energy sources and the disability of first responder rescue efforts. 

We need to use this pandemic to put the “United” back into the United States by coming together as a nation and sounding our social distancing as a wake-up call to heighten the preparedness, strength and resolve of each American citizen when future worse catastrophic events happen. 

As you’ve probably guessed by now, it won’t be the government that comes to our immediate aid. They’ll be too busy wrapped up in red tape and worried about offending certain groups of people. It will depend on each individual citizen and their immediate communities to work together to restore civility, save lives and re-establish a means of normality.

The Coronavirus pandemic and our “social distancing” needs to be seen as the silver lining in the clouds of this hopefully low loss of life pandemic. We need to use all that we’re experiencing now as a practice lesson for greater cataclysmic events that are bound to come. 

The following are ten activities that EVERY AMERICAN should be doing for the next weeks, months, and hopefully years to come. Use this social distancing time to educate, come together and strengthen ourselves and our nation by …

  1. Never again allow yourself or your family to lack the basic necessities of food and supplies to carry you through for at least 30 days. Sit down and evaluate your family’s needs of food, water, supplies, medicine, etc and make a list of those needs. When we get through this pandemic and we no longer have to social distance ourselves, make every effort to acquire all those items on your list and have them stored and ready to use for the next event.

  2. Learn to become more self-sustained and self-sufficient. Use this time away from work and with the family to learn skills that make you less dependent on grocery stores, retail outlets and even medical support. This can be done by learning how to hunt and fish. Gather the family around the TV or table and learn how to can and preserve foods. Watch educational videos on subjects like; making home-made detergent, sewing, making bread and first aid, etc. Make your family and home as much self-sufficient as possible!

  3. Grow a vegetable garden. EVERY AMERICAN citizen who has any size yard or plot of land, should HAVE a vegetable garden. By growing your own food, you become less dependent on grocery chains. Create garden clubs or start a community garden. GROW. GROW. GROW. Share your surplus food with others or earn extra income by selling it at farmers markets. Learn how to store and keep your home-grown food.

  4. Learn the medicinal values of herbs and how they can prevent and heal sicknesses and cure wounds. And then use them! Something tells me that it’s not going to be the medical industry or a big pharmaceutical company that ends up finding acureforthecoronavirus.com It will be individuals all across the world, who practice natural healing through herbs that experiment with and discover #ACureForTheCoronavirus. Remember, the best solution is most often the simplest solution. Post your results on social medias.

  5. Join TheReadys.org. Create a first responder rescue plan by being prepared in the event that your neighborhood has a tornado, earthquake or worse. Have emergency neighborhood/house evacuations practices. Establish a neighborhood emergency food/supply sharing system. Invite your neighbors over for dinner or a BBQ and instead of playing yard games, learn self-sustaining skills like first aid and survival tips. Again, I can’t stress the importance of how each small community will become their own life-savers and how important it is to think “street and neighborhood help” and not depend on federal or state help in worse case scenarios. 

  6. **VERY, VERY, IMPORTANT. Have a financial game plan. If there’s any industry that has the highest risk of creating massive human chaos and destruction, it’s the banking industry. They want the world to think (as the majority does) that life cannot be sustained without money. Believing this lie has made the banking industry THE MOST FEARED AND POWERFUL force in the world. Because of this, they’ve been doing corrupt and illegal activities that are going to be exposed and when this happens it will make the Great Depression of the 1930’s look like a cake walk. Or imagine if a terrorist hacked into your bank’s financial records and cleared everyone’s account. How would you survive? Do you have your money in several banks? Do you have cash readily available? Spend time during your “social distancing” to learn the best ways to protect, use and get access to cash in worst case scenarios. Also learn what other sources of commerce and trade will be available. Create a community bartering system.

  7. Study videos, buy books and read up on survival skills. During the summer you may not need to know how to stay warm when you have no electricity. But come autumn, when the nights get cold, knowing how to insulate your house and body, will be life saving. Now’s the time to learn all you need to know about surviving in harsh situations. Do you know how to make a fire without matches? How to find and purify water? What’s the best way to cook food if you have no utilities? Take your mandatory staycation to learn everything you can about survival. 

  8. TURN OFF THE NEWS!!! Stop being brainwashed by the media. Cut the puppet cords of the world’s fear, division and conflict the news media has you imprisoned in by simply refusing to watch or read the news. Please understand this: Your world is what’s going on in your home and in your immediate community. Not what’s happening in other states and countries across the physical “world”. If each person remains calm and rational in their homes and communities, then each community that makes up our states, creates a national system of calmness, readiness and strength. This can be achieved by doing these activities during your social distancing time. You are absolutely making your world better and safer. 

  9. #DontShareTheScare. Stop the fear frenzy by NOT sharing all the negative information that’s going around social medias. Unfriend those FB friends who habitually post negative comments or posts. Stop following the same kind of people on Twitter. Post helpful and useful ideas, tips and hacks that could be beneficial in worse case scenarios. But more importantly just post positivity. Someone will find acureforthecoronavirus.com but we need to put out an abundance of positivity into the physical world! Reality is a manifestation of the mind. We need to think good and happy thoughts. We need to have faith in humanity and whatever higher power you believe in. That’s the secret to creating #ACureForTheCoronavirus! 

  10. Share www.acureforthecoronavirus.com on your social medias and via email to all your friends and family. The coronavirus will come and go. But the world will never stop experiencing wars, natural disasters and other horrific cataclysmic events. (Both man-made and nature-made) By telling others about this blog, you plant a seed of readiness in an extremely unprepared state. You could be saving their life at best or lessening a lot of stress and anxiety at worse. 

By actively incorporating these 10 activities into your daily life during your “social distancing”, you become a civilian soldier who takes the safety, well-being and the strength of America into your own home and community. This will alleviate a great burden off our government should we experience worst case scenarios. In addition, it will take your mind off the negativity of the pandemic and allow you to be more positively focus to become a more intelligent, better prepared and more resilient person. And finally, you will show the media and the other sinister forces behind this pandemic madness that what they meant for destruction and chaos; you’ve turned into the foundation for a stronger and greater “United” States of America.

Thank you for reading my blog. Please notice, there are no advertisements or paid products links on this page. I’m not trying to financially gain anything through this blog. It’s my creative gift to America. If you found value in my words or if you’d like to see more of my hyper-creativity, please join my community and follow my social medias. I have created other world-saving and world-changing ideas that I will share in future blogs and I want you to be a part of my mission.




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