BLOG 2: Bartholomew’s Wall



AUTHOR: Eve Daughtry
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Hello my human followers! I’m as excited as an Amish woman in the electronics department of Walmart. I’m so happy that you’ve sensed the calling of Mother Goddess and have made the choice to return here. I can’t stop wagging my tail and shaking my booty.

It’s strange isn’t it, sensing the calling of Mother Goddess? I compare it to a dog whistle. You pick up this instrument and blow into it and you can’t hear the sound it makes, but we have such incredible hearing which allow us to easily detect the high-pitched vibrations of the dog whistle.

In the same manner, Mother Goddess sends Her spiritual calling out into the world and sadly some people will never hear it. They will remain poor miserable humans. But others can pick up Her vibes easily. They are capable of sensing Her spiritual energy. Your special senses have brought you back. Congratulations!

In addition to the amazing hearing and smelling senses that come with this dog body I currently reside in, I happened to have several other supernatural senses given to me as the Imperfect Dog goddess.

For example, I have a sense that many of you don’t find it too difficult to believe that there’s more than just one male God with a capital G. There are two Divine Deities. Father God and Mother Goddess. I mean, you require a male’s sperm and female’s egg to create another human, right? So why would it be that unusual to comprehend that, as human creatures, made in the images of the Gods, you too would have two spiritual parents? And just as you possess the natures, characteristics and the genes of both a male and female human, within you resides the natures, characteristics and spiritual genes of both Father God and Mother Goddess.

I have an entire book in my dog brain that will explain everything you need to know about Mother Goddess. What She’s like, what are Her powers, and why the knowledge of Her existence has been censured? She is so freakin’ awesome. I can’t wait for the world of human’s to finally get to know Her so she can demonstrate Her awesomeness. That enlightenment will come in future blogs. And let me tell you, as much as the teachings of Mother Goddess is going to positively impact and change the world, it’s going to piss off a lot people off, especially the female gender.

Matter of fact, I might as well tell you right now that pretty much everything you’re going to read in this blog is going to piss off almost the entire human population. That’s because what you’re about to learn totally contradicts what you, your parents, grandparents and your entire human lineage has been taught. It’s true. Humanity is just one giant cult that has been brainwashed by the Adamsmen for thousands of years. You exist in world of lies because your parents, grandparents and all your ancestors believed those lies to be true and therefore they perpetuated those lies.

So, in all fairness, it’s not your fault. You are simply the product of your ignorant parental environment. Immature gods and goddess who don’t know better. Again, it’ll all be simplistically spelled out and proven in my future stories. Meanwhile, like I said, pretty much everything you believe or have come to know to be the truth, is one big fat fake story and I’m here as a bearer of Mother Goddess’ truth. Which may seem to be a daunting task given the fact that Jesus’ has yet to complete His mission.

That’s because the Adamsmen and their deceptive side-shows called religion has taken away the true meaning and purpose of Jesus and his teachings and have turned them into spiritual chains that enslave the souls of their followers. Every religion, sect and denomination from Catholicism, Christianity to Judaism and Muslim believe their truths are the one and only truths. There’s no contradicting them…or else…

But the great thing about being a dog goddess, is that I really don’t care about human’s… “or else”. All I care about is doing what my Godly Parents sent me here to do. That’s the goal of every god and goddess. Not to care about what other humans think about us. We don’t give two shakes about how others perceive the way we look, the things we do or say, or what we believe. The only thing that matters to a goddess is that you follow and do the will of Father God and Mother Goddess. It doesn’t matter if eight billion humans disagree with me. I know the truth. It’s that truth that gives me the intelligence, courage, freedom, strength and power to push on and fulfill my purpose in life, even when the entire human population is against me. Where do you think Jesus got His confidence and coolness? He knew the truth too. And I promise, the more you read and the more you open your mind, body and soul to these teachings of Mother Goddesses, the clearer you will see how brainwashed you really are and discover that the only opinions that matter in your life, is that of Father God and Mother Goddess. That intelligence is what releases your courage and freedom. You’ll see.

I’m also sensing the vibes that you don’t find it too difficult to understand that Gods can do anything-even struggle. Therefore, if the first perfect Son of God is struggling to save humans, then it’s not too crazy or unimaginable to think that another goddess, could be sent to the earth by another parental Goddess to offer assistance. After all, God made man and saw that he was lonely and needed companionship. So, he made woman from the rib of man. Right?

Wrong. But that’s another Adamsmen fable we’ll get to later. I can only image how many people that’s going to piss off.

The one aspect of this entire blog that I sense most of you are going to have the most difficulty trying to wrap your simple minds around is this: How in the heck does a dog “write” a blog? Does she type it on a special keypad made just for dog paws?  Does she use the future, but not yet invented, dog bark to human voice A.I. translation app? Does she use ESP?

Nope. Well, sort of. I use what humans have wrongly labeled as Extra Sensory Perception or ESP. All dogs have it. Anyone who has a dog has experienced our ESP powers at one time or another. When we stare at you from across the room because we know it’s time to let us outside or take us for a walk, we’re using our ESP. We don’t speak your language, so the Gods have given us the power of ESP. During mealtimes when we stare straight into your eyes, and occasionally look at the food you’re eating, we’re using our dog ESP. You’ll notice, besides for occasionally licking our lips, our mouths don’t move. But inside our genius-like brains, we’re creating thoughts that say this: “Feed me.” “Give me a bite.” Or “You know you can’t resist my powers, toss a little treat my way.” We send those thoughts from our brains, into your brains and as hard as you try to defy our desires, eventually you give in and do as we say. It’s great to be a dog goddess.

We can also see into other parallel universes that you can’t see. That’s why we’ll randomly start barking for no reason. Or stop and stare at the ceiling or the corner of the room. Even though there’s nothing there in your realm and you can’t see what’s happening, we can see into that other parallel universe.

Tragically, you humans have incorrectly named these powers Extra Sensory Perception or ESP. But the real description is called Thought Traveling or TT. The truth is, thoughts travel in wave patterns just as light, radio and microwaves travel. However, thoughtwaves are the most powerful and abundant wave patterns. And proof of this is the fact that without thoughtwaves, we wouldn’t know or understand any other type of wave, be it ultraviolet or ocean. Make sense? Our thoughts travel in waves and these waves are what create the physical world around you.

The Adamsmen have convinced you that you are a product of the world around you. You are just an insignificant peon in a great big massive universe. You believe your eyes, ears, nose and limps record the physical things around you through seeing, tasting, smelling, touching and hearing. In other words, your brain collects your external physical data like a video recording and puts it into your minds and it all becomes a memory.

But the truth is, your brain isn’t a video recorder. It’s a video projector. It’s design to create, not just document and file. The world around you isn’t coming in through your physical senses to your brain. It’s just the opposite. Your brain and physical senses are making the world around you. You are creating the thoughts in your minds and projecting those thoughtswaves onto, what could best be describe, so that you could comprehend it, a screen of energy. The screen of energy where your thoughtwaves and physical senses collide is what you call reality.

Why have you never been taught this truth about thoughtwaves or learned that thoughtwaves create your reality in all the years that you’ve existed on this planet in your mortal, flesh and blood bodies? Simple. The Adamsmen don’t want you to know it.

Imagine if you were a prisoner in a large jail cell the size of the earth. From the day you entered that cell you were told by the jailor that the door is locked. There’s no way of getting out unless you had the key. As prisoner after prisoner, entered the cell, each were told by the jailor and all the other prisoners that the cell door has an impenetrable lock. No one could ever pick it or break it open. There was only one way out. You had to have the key. And since you, as well as all the other inmates, have been told the same thing over and over, no one has ever questioned the strength of the lock. Nor has anyone ever attempted to escape.

But the truth was, the big lock on the door is broken. It really isn’t locked at all. Never has been. The lock is just a psychological illusion. All one has to do is give the door a little push and it would swing easily open and they’d be as free as a bird.

Is the jailor ever going to let you, or anyone else he has imprisoned, in on his secret? Never. He has everyone brainwashed to believe they’re trapped. Should the notion that the lock is fake ever got out, it would jeopardize his job. And, heaven forbid, if someone actually went over and gave the door a push and it opened, everyone would quickly flee from that cell and he’d be a jailor that’s out of a job.

That’s why the Adamsmen don’t want you to know that you create your own world with your own thoughtwaves. Because you would realize you could leave their world that they’ve imprisoned you in. You’d be free to create your own life outside of their mind-controlling cell. And if this secret ever got out to all humans, heaven forbid, everyone would create other worlds filled with the four greatest desires of all God’s creatures: happiness, health, wealth and wisdom. From womb to tomb both beast and humans live their lives in the pursuit of happiness, health, wealth and wisdom. Should they find a path that leads them to those two pairs of treasures, the Adamsmen would be out of the business of controlling humankind and their main sources of wealth and power would disappear.

What are the Adamsmen’s main sources of wealth and power you ask? Get ready for an infusion of Mother Goddess’ amazing intellect, wisdom and supernatural power.

The cogs and wheels that run the perpetual machines of money and power that have always keep the Adamsmen in control of humanity are the same things that have always kept humankind from evolving into higher gods and goddesses. They are called the Seven Faults of Humanity. And they are:

Greed, Ignorance, Religion, Love of Vice (i.e. drugs, alcohol, tobacco, porn and gambling), Poverty, Oppression, War and Disease.

These are the seven atrocities that humankind continually inflicts upon themselves that make them the lowest of beasts. And the reason why they’ve never been eradicated from the minds of the masses, is because these seven evils, are the same sources of energy that provide the Adamsmen the resources to keep brainwashing you ignorant humans.

In other words, you’re working and paying your hard earn money to the same people that are physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually imprisoning and killing you. It’s a vicious self-deprecating circle. You are the brainwashed victims and slaves of the Adamsmen, and the worst part is, you’re absolutely clueless. You think it’s all normal. When it’s anything but normal. It’s the most absurd, abnormal, and abusive mindset of all god’s creatures.

 Imagine if these faults were eradicated out of the minds of the masses. There were no greedy politicians or corporate leaders. No religions that keep fighting with one another. No drug, alcohol, tobacco, porn or gambling addictions. No poverty. No war. No oppression of the poor, weak or the ignorant. Disease no longer ravages the body and mind. Wouldn’t you, as well as all of humanity, live in an incredibly different world? A utopian world of peace, harmony and prosperity for all? Wouldn’t your universe be filled with TRUE happiness, health, wealth and wisdom?

You’ve always been taught that you’re just an average human being, born into an ordinary world where greed, ignorance, religion, love of vice, poverty, oppression, war and disease are just the normal way of life that everyone experiences, including you. You accepted that false fact and exist day by day within this reality until you die. You have no real power or say in what’s going on in the world around you. There’s a term for this psychological entanglement that you’re imprisoned in. It’s called Bartholomew’s Wall.

Bartholomew’s Wall is not a physical wall that you can touch. It’s not made of stones or metal bars. It’s an intellectual, emotional, and spiritual mental block that touches every aspect of your being. It’s the imaginary impenetrable lock that keeps you bound within the Adamsmen’s cell of misery. The mindset that tells you you’re not a god or goddess, but merely a weak, fragile human made of flesh, bones and blood. You have no powers, and you don’t create reality. It creates you.

But this Imperfect Dog goddess was sent here to tell you, that’s a big fat lie. You are absolutely and positively a powerful goddess who creates your own reality with your own thoughtwaves. And those seven Faults of Humanity aren’t absolute impenetrable locks that are average and ordinary, they’re bogus chains wrapped around humanity that keep you imprisoned and chained to the Adamsmen money and wealth machines.

It is my purpose, given to me by Mother Goddess, to give you the key to break free from Bartholomew’s Wall so that you can evolve into the goddess you were created to become. Just as Bartholomew’s Wall isn’t a physical and tangible wall, the key to freedom can’t be touched or held by human hands. It can only be witnessed and used by a goddess. It’s made of intelligence and wisdom and once you possess it, you’ll recognize it. And once you recognize it, you can’t lose it. It’s in your spirit for eternity.

But in order for you to hold this key within your mind and spirit, you have to first come to a full understanding and realize this one fact—

You have been, and currently are, being brainwashed by the Adamsmen via the internet.

I know that’s so incredibly hard to believe. So, let me share with you a story that will make you understand what I’m talking about.

This story is so incredible, that just by reading it, will cause invisible doorways to open that allow you to Thought Travel to amazing unknown universes. If you can truly comprehend this story, and follow its direction, you can unlock within your mind, super-human powers that will give you the ability to manifest incredible healing powers and perform unbelievable miracles. Just like Jesus performed and attempted to tell you how He did them. It’s called The Forbidden Story, because since the birth of my Brother, Jesus, the Adamsmen have forbidden it to be told.

Blog 3. The Forbidden Story

Our Lady d’Eve

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