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AUTHOR: Eve Daughtry
WORDS: 3191

AUTHORS NOTE: When referring to my Godly parents, I use the terms Father God or Mother Goddess. When speaking about my human female owner, I use the term mom.

Prior to my current awesome mom who loves and spoils me, my first earthly parents lived in a rundown, dilapidated trailer in the hills of the Lake of the Ozarks. It’s there where they made and sold meth. In addition to being meth heads, they were also chain-smoking, alcoholics. My first year of life was terrible. I was all alone, chained to a doghouse in the back yard. Which really wasn’t a yard at all, but more like overgrown weeds, with discarded old tires, lawnmowers and plastic kids toys that led into a wooded area. All day long I had to endure the stench of meth, alcohol and cigarettes. Not to mention, my isolation and their physical and verbal abuse.

“Nothing last forever. Everything in this life is temporary.”

Mother Goddess would whisper that wisdom into my soul on those stormy nights, lying alone while the rain poured down torrentially upon my doghouse and dripped methodically onto my soaked back. It wasn’t the ideal conditions for an Imperfect Dog goddess to come to this planet and begin Her mission to save humanity. But I endured. If Jesus could be born in a manger and suffer all those atrocities He went through, then being born under a trailer filled with white-trash, meth-heads and putting up with their addictive crazy shit was just a walk through the physical and spiritual dog park.

“Every misery is the seed of a greater happiness.”

I’ll teach you that lesson one day soon too.

Mother Goddess is always right. Today I exist in an entirely new universe. I live in a smoke, alcohol and drug free home that’s filled with soft, cozy and dry beds, lots of spoiling and even more love.

Every morning mom and I take a walk along the Missouri River. It flows gently and steadily several hundred yards beyond our back door here in historic St. Charles, Missouri. Today I had, what I like to call, a heavenly experience. The chilly air of late summer collided with the warm water of the river and created a cloud of thick fog that hung like misty curtains and blocked the view of the forest on the opposite bank. Mom liked the scene too. She took out her phone and snapped a picture. She as a photographer’s eye.

After our morning river walk, we usually walk down Main Street. That’s where we live. In a second story apartment over a used bookstore in a building that’s one hundred and twenty-three years old. Each day we stroll down the sidewalks along the cobblestone street, with its assortment of old buildings, quant shops and diversity of restaurants. Mom likes to try to identify all the different trees and flowers along the way. I, on the other hand, like to identify all the smells. That’s why I have to stop and stick my nose into everything I see. This morning, amongst the smorgasbord of scents that I was discovering, I suddenly caught a whiff of something I detest. Cigarette smoke. Ugh.

 In case you weren’t aware, dogs have superhuman olfactory senses. Where humans have five million smelling receptors in their noses, we have three hundred million. To make a comparison. If humans smelling abilities are the size of a puff of cigarette smoke, dogs smelling senses are like the gigantic plumes of smoke from a forest fire or volcanic eruption. It’s a curse and a blessing at the same time.

Although neither mom nor I could visually see anyone smoking, I knew that smell like the back of my paw. Someone was smoking a cigarette, a Marlboro to be exact, and they were close by. I stopped and raised my nose to the air and moved my nostrils in a manner that allowed me to pick up the scent better.

It was a man. He was in his mid-thirties. He washed his clothes in cheap laundry detergent. Worked in the fast-food industry, probably Arby’s by the smell of beef permeating off him. He used Axe bodywash. He was nervous and worried. The transmission in his car just went out and the mechanic told him it was going to cost $3,500 to get it fixed. He barely had $350 to his name, let alone $3,500. He couldn’t find a ride to work, so he had to walk. It was just about that time when my smelling and spiritual senses had just picked up everything about the man, when he walked around the corner.

I was wrong. He wasn’t in his mid-thirties. He couldn’t have been more than twenty-five. But everything else about him was spot on. To mom, he appeared to be just a young, highly tattooed man walking by smoking a cigarette. But to me, he was a soul surrounded by Bartholomew’s Wall. He had all the signs and symptoms of a brainwashed human. Part of me wanted to throw up. The smell of cigarette smoke does that to me. I must have PTSD from my early years and the smell of burning tobacco is my trigger. The other part of me, wanted to clamp my teeth into the bottom of his blue jeans and drag him to this blog so that he could read the messages of Mother Goddess and learn about The Forbidden Story that I’m about to tell.

In 1978 a preacher named Rev. Jim Jones, brainwashed over a thousand members of his People’s Temple church, into leaving their homes, relatives and jobs in California and moving to Guyana, South America. They were to start a new utopian community called Jonestown. In the beginning everything started out great. There was a strong sense of community, self-sufficiency and love for one another. But then Rev. Jones began abusing his members. He overworked them and perpetually brainwashed them by playing recorded messages over loudspeakers throughout the day and evening. He also mistreated them in other sexual and psychological deviant manners.

Soon, several of the members wanted to leave Jonestown. However, Rev. Jones forbid anyone to leave the complex or even communicate to the outside world. Some of these disgruntle members got messages back to their loved ones in America telling them how they were being held as prisoners and weren’t allowed to leave. This caught the attention of several elected leaders, especially one California congressmen named, Leo Ryan. So, on Nov. 14, 1978, Representative Ryan, along with several journalists, photographers and family members of those detained at Jonestown, flew into Guyana to investigate the People’s Temple.

After much legal resistance and deliberation, Congressman Ryan and his group were finally allowed access into Jonestown. The church members greeted them with a celebration banquet of dancing and eating. It seemed that everyone was happy. They spoke highly of Rev. Jones and their love for him and living in their new utopian village. But as the night moved on, one of the members passed a note to a reporter saying that he and his wife wanted to leave. The reporter passed the note to Congressman Ryan who then confronted Rev. Jim Jones. Needless to say, this didn’t sit well with the Reverend. Congressman Ryan then told all the Jonestown members that anyone who wanted to leave could go with him.  He assured them they had full “Congressional Protection”.

Well, American “Congressional Protection” meant nothing to a bunch of brainwashed radicals in Guyana. The congressman was immediately attacked by a knife welding member. He wasn’t hurt but it was a foreshadow of just how out of control things were getting. Immediately afterwards, fifteen members packed their things and grabbed their children and followed Congressman Ryan and his delegation back to the airport.

Rev. Jones took this action as an attack on his community. He had brainwashed his members to believe the U.S. government, opposing family members and the rest of the world, besides for the communists, were their enemies. He sent several men to kill Congressman Ryan and everyone at the airport, which they attempted to do. Fortunately, some lived by faking their deaths and others escaped into the jungle. Unfortunately, Congressman Ryan and seven others died on the airport tarmac.

Rev. Jones then gathered his entire congregation together and told them that the time had come for “revolutionary suicide”.

For years, Rev. Jones had indoctrinated his followers to believe a time would come when they would face an attack on their community and beliefs. He said that if they couldn’t fight and win their battle, then they would commit “revolutionary suicide.” In other words, everyone would kill themselves as a means of resistance to their enemy. He even inflicted them with a mock trail to test them and see how they would react. One evening he had everyone drink grape Flavor-Aid and afterwards told them it was laced with poison and they would soon die.

But on the night of Nov. 18, it was no test. It was real poison. He and his most loyal followers began mixing up a grape Flavor-Aid drink laced with cyanide and other poisons. It was distributed in oral syringes to parents who were instructed to force feed it into the mouths of their babies and children. After the children died, the remaining adults were either forced or willfully consented to “drink the Kool-aid” that killed them.

“It was better to die with dignity, then to live in this world another day.” Rev. Jones preached to his followers as they continued to poison themselves. When the order for “revolutionary suicide” came in to one devoted female follower who was living in the People’s Temple Georgetown community, 150 miles from Jonestown, she took her two children into a bathroom and slit their throats and then her and her eldest daughter simultaneously slashed each other’s throats.

By the evening of Nov. 18, over 900 people had killed themselves by drinking the poison grape drink. Rev. Jim Jones was found with a bullet to his temple. When the authorities and media arrived at Jonestown the next day, the scene was horrific. Almost a thousand men, women and children laid dead on the ground, hugging one another. Their bodies swollen and bloated. Until the terrorist acts of September 11, 2001, the Jonestown mass-murder of Nov. 18, 1978 was America’s largest death toll based on a singular human act.

The People’s Temple isn’t the only example of how powerful manipulative men, have brainwashed other’s into believing self-destructive mindsets. Charles Manson, Heaven’s Gate, and David Koresh are just a few other horrific blatant examples. However, today there are billions of people caught in the tentacles of cults and radical movements. These brainwashed individuals aren’t crazed, suicidal radicals who live in a faraway secluded commune. They’re your neighbors, co-workers, and fellow classmates. They’re your friends and family. They are YOU.

So why did I begin the teachings of Mother Goddess with such a tragic story?

Because, while there are be many lessons to be learned through the atrocities of Rev. Jim Jones and The People’s Temple, the main moral impact that Mother Goddess wants you to focus on is this one fact—

Whenever you study any type of cult, radical religious movement or subversive political action, where groups of people, both large and small, are being brainwashed and have their minds and thoughts manipulated, the victims, the members or the ones that are being brainwashed, have no idea they’re brainwashed.

They’re clueless. They’ve been so indoctrinated and thoroughly convinced that their way of life is the right and normal way of life that it is beyond their comprehension that they belong to a cult.

It’s not until something tragic happens within that brainwashed community or they’re capable of removing themselves from the constant source of brainwashing, that a light goes off in their mind and they finally understand the truth. They were a victim of mind manipulation. Then, often times, because of their pride, they still vehemently still refuse to admit that they were brainwashed.

So, here’s the question I propose.

Is it possible that, like the members of Jonestown, you have been, and currently are, being brainwashed and you are totally clueless to the fact? Now, you might say, I don’t belong to a cult or I don’t adhere to any certain radical mindsets. I’m just an everyday, average, normal human being.

And you might believe that to be the absolute truth. You don’t think out of the ordinary. You don’t do anything that seems to be any different than the rest of your family and friends. You may go to church, but that’s not a cult. Billions of people go to churches all over the world.

Goddesses, this is where the actual Forbidden Story begins.

Humanity is one massive cult, made of eight billion people who are under the mind manipulations of the Adamsmen. For thousands of years, you have been fed lies and false facts. These fictitious stories have become so accepted and embraced by the masses of humankind, that you now believe that you are living an ordinary life in a normal and functional world. When in fact, you exist as prisoners in an illusionary dysfunctional universe. You may physically walk and live upon the planet earth, but the Adamsmen have your mind and spirit trapped within a prison cell called Bartholomew’s Wall.

Mother Goddess has sent me here not only show and prove to you the existence of Bartholomew’s Wall by opening your spiritual eyes, but also to empower you with the intelligence, courage, and supernatural powers to move your imprisoned mind, body and soul from behind Bartholomew’s Wall. I am here to guide you into an incredibly different universe filled with TRUE happiness, health wealth and wisdom. And you don’t even have to die or leave this planet earth.

That is why this story is called The Forbidden Story. What you are about to read and learn has always been forbidden by the Adamsmen to be told. Just as they’ve censured the awareness of Mother Goddess, they’ve hidden so many other truths from the minds of the masses.

Remember how I said that it’s only when something tragic happens or a person is able to get away from the constant source of their mind manipulation that one realizes the extent of their brainwashing? Chances are something personally tragic has happened to you and that is why Mother Goddess has brought you here. Remember, it’s no coincidence you’re reading this blog. You are here for a purpose.

“Every misery is the seed to a greater happiness.”

It’s how you water and nurture that seed with your thoughts, choices and actions during that misery, that allows you to harvest a greater happiness. I will teach you how to properly find, plant and grow that seed of happiness in future teachings.

If you’re not going through any personal tragedies at this moment, that’s awesome. Be thankful. However, I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist or prophet to discern that you humans, as a race and species, are not evolving towards a better and happier world, but digressing into a world of greater global misery.

Had Rev. Jim Jones willfully allowed those few members to leave Jonestown and then focused on the lives of the remaining 900 members and made it his primary goal to make their lives happier and more fulfilling. Had he stop using the drugs that were mentally and physically killing him and put an end to the physical and psychological abuse he was perpetrating towards his members, who knows what the future of Jonestown would have beheld. Perhaps that little racially equal and self-sustaining isolated village in the jungles of South American, may have become todays Plymouth Rock of what we define as perfect societies. But instead, he chose self-destruction and total annihilation through “revolutionary suicide.”

The Adamsmen, who are the cult leaders who control this false world you live in today, have the same mindset. They would choose the destruction of humanity itself, over relinquishing their power over the masses of human minds. As I, or should I say, my earthly mom, Eve, writes these words, sinister Adamsmen are plotting evil destructions towards humankind via Artificial Intelligence or A.I. That’s is why it’s important to learn as much as you can from the teachings of Mother Goddesses and spread that wisdom and enlightenment to all parts of the earth. It’s imperative that the minds of the masses immediately begin morphing from ignorant human to intelligent god and goddess.

“We must bring about, not a revolution, but a spiritual evolution.”

It’s imperative that Jankwin gods and goddesses take a stronghold on this planet before the Adamsmen cause humanity to self-destruct.

Earlier, I taught you that the other way one breaks free from the spell of brainwashing is by removing themselves from the constant source of mind manipulation. You’re going to learn how to recognize and break free from Bartholomew’s Wall. But in order for you to completely understand the challenges that lie before you, you have to comprehend the power that stories play in your lives.

Goddesses, those words, pictures, videos and songs you’re just casually downloading into your brain from the internet and believe to be so normal and acceptable, are so much more tragically destructive than what you know. They’re molding you and subconsciously creating you to become, not who you want or were created to become, but what the Adamsmen want you to become. They’re subconsciously keeping you imprisoned behind Bartholomew’s Wall. They’re making you dumb and causing you to experience fear, confusion, anger, depression, anxiety and mental illness.

My apologies. I really want to continue my story, but my bladder is full. Earlier today on our walk, it started to get kind of hot outside. As I was sniffing around a popular poplar tree that’s well used by my contemporaries, I had an epiphany. “I would love to have some ice cubs in my water when I got home.” So, during our adventures through the neighborhood, I repeatedly thought traveled into my mom’s thoughts and shared my epiphany with her. Sure enough, we hadn’t been in the door five minutes when I heard the wonderful clanking of frozen water hitting my water bowl. Ten minutes and four chewed ice cubes later, I began writing this blog. Now I’m paying the consequences.

Sometimes my earthly mom doesn’t pick up my Thought Traveling waves, so I have to resort to other means of human communication. I’ve recently trained her to understand that when I pick up my leash from where it sits on a chair by the door and I bring it to her, it means that I need to go out and relieve myself. That’s what I’m about to do right now before I have an accident. Mother Goddess knows, my mom does not appreciate any accidents in the house.

In my next blog I’m going to continue with The Forbidden Story and teach you just how powerful words are. You’ve always heard the expression, “The pen is mightier than the sword.” Well, Mother Goddess wants you to comprehend another fact:

“Your mind is mightier than an atomic bomb.”

Your thoughts contain an incredible hidden power that you’ve never known because you’ve been imprisoned behind Bartholomew’s Wall. It’s called The Secret Power of Story and once you tap into that knowledge and release it’s power, your life will change dramatically for the better. I promise, it’s going to blow your simple, human minds. Nostradamus has nothing on this Imperfect Dog goddess.

Our Lady d’Eve

BLOG 4: The Secret Power of Story

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