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AUTHOR: Eve Daughtry
WORDS: 3525

My mom cleans houses for a living. She’s been doing it for a long time. She works really hard and she does a great job. She has all kinds of customers. So many in fact, that she has to always turn down business. If her customer’s houses look anything like our apartment, then I know why she keeps so bus

And because she’s so busy, I’m alone all day. It really sucks sometimes. When she’s not home I miss her. Fortunately, we live on a street that always has people walking up and down the sidewalks and going into Literary Harry’s. That’s the used bookstore below us. I have a large comfy ottoman that sits next to the window with soft doggie blankets spread all over it. It’s my second bed. I can sit there for hours and people watch. Many times, I’ll see fellow dog gods and goddess walking their humans and that makes my day.

When I get bored people watching, I go into the living room and watch TV.  Thank Mother Goddess, mom leaves the TV on for me when she’s at work.  Most dogs sleep all day, I, on the other hand, spend hours watching documentaries. Mom and I LOVE documentaries. From Ancient Aliens to ZZ Top’s biography, we watch them all. That’s how I came to know about Rev. Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple. We watched a documentary on him. Anything that makes us smarter and broadens our intellectual horizons appeals to us, especially if it’s about historical events or famous people. Especially women.

Next to documentaries, we love anything gardening, Jane Austen or period movies like Gone With The Wind, Cyrano, or The Girl with the Pearl Earring. Mom’s all-time favorite movie is “Grease.” She says John Travolta reminds her of her first boyfriend in high school. We’ve watched it numerous times. She knows every word of every song. She even has the album hanging on the wall in her bedroom. Did you know in the song Grease Lightnin’, one of lines of the lyrics goes like this:

“You know that I ain’t bragging, she’s a real pussy wagon.”

I didn’t think so. Yea, there are all kinds of questionable lines in both the movie and the music, but it’s still a great movie.

Now ask me what my all-time favorite movie is? Come on. I triple dog goddess dare you. No, it’s not “A Christmas Story.” But it is a Christmas movie. OK, I’ll tell you. It’s a movie we watched last Christmas called “It’s A Wonderful Life.”


What an incredible story with extremely valuable lessons of life. I love the scene when George and Mary are listening on the phone together and it’s then when George discovers he’s actually in love with Mary.

If you’ve never seen it, drop everything you’re doing and go watch it. It doesn’t matter if it’s July and it’s 105 degrees outside. You NEED to watch this movie. If you’re a big fan, but haven’t watched it since Christmas, watch it again.

Here’s why you absolute need to watch It’s A Wonderful Life. There’s a secret coded message that Mother Goddess put in it when it was made in 1946. It’s been there for the past 77 years but no human has ever been intelligent or wise enough to figure it out. But as mom and I watched it, I immediately saw exactly what was happening to George Bailey and picked up Mother Goddess’ message. I’m going to reveal to you that life changing secret and it’s going to freak you out how amazing it is. But that’s a couple of blogs away. Meanwhile, you need to go watch the movie, so you’ll know what I’m talking about.

      It’s a great STORY about a man called George Bailey.

Today we’re going to learn about a common misleading mindset that has been so completely disguised and covered up by the Adamsmen that all of humanity is totally unaware of its real truth. This false human thought process is so prevalent and so incredibly indoctrinated into your brains, that it’s one of the main reasons why you can’t break free from Bartholomew’s Wall.

It’s called the Secret Power of STORY.

You see, when two people communicate in any capacity, humans believe that they are simply talking. But a goddess learns that it’s not merely talking, it’s the exchanging of stories. The fact is, if I asked you ANYTHING about yourself, be it what your name is? How old are you? Or if you have any pets? The only way that you could convey that answer to me is by communicating. Well, that’s what your human brain has been brainwashed to believe.

The Adamsmen want you to think that you’re merely communicating with one another. But the real truth is, you are telling me your STORY. The mere act of verbalizing anything, be it your past, present or future, from you to me, is a transfer of your story from your brain to my brain.

You don’t just live in a house on the earth. You exist in a universe of stories. Nothing ever happens or takes place in the world around you without the transfers of stories. Everywhere you look, everything you do and every thought you think, is a story. The red light at the street corner is not verbally telling you to stop. You stop because a previous story in your head, one that you were taught as a child that went something like this, “When a stop light turns red, it means to stop.”, is subconsciously telling you to stop and therefore, you do.

Any type of communication between two or more people, be it verbal, written, typed or even carrier pigeon is nothing but a transfer of story. 

“Ring. Ring,” Putting mom’s phone to my ear.

“Hello?” Hey how’s the story of your day going?” Pause. “Good to hear. My story?”

“Well, the story of traffic sucked. And then there was the story about how I got a call from my sister who told me her story about having strep throat. That was a sad story. But then I have this great story about stopping by the gas station for a soda after work and running into an old friend I haven’t seen in years. We told each other all kinds of stories to catch us up on each other’s life. That story made my day. What about you? Do you have any other stories to add to carry this conversation going? No? Well, me either. Thanks for checking in on my stories. It was great exchanging stories with you, let’s do it again later.”

Put’s phone back down.

But your universe of stories isn’t just made up of oral communications. Stories aren’t just spoken or written words that you find in books and on TV and in the movies. Stories are also physical and tangible. Look around you. Everything in the room you’re in, including the room itself, is the result of dozens, perhaps thousands, of individual stories coming together to create it. That is because, in order to create something tangible, there has to be communication between individuals. There has to be transfers of stories. I’ll give you an example.

This wooden chair with the blue cushion began with the story of the girl who came up with the thought she’d make a chair, so she took that story to a chair maker. He took the story to a lumber mill who chopped down the trees for the wood. The story of the worker who used the saw that cut the wood. The craftsmen who carved the legs and made the seat cushion. The chemist who made the glue to attach the seat to the chair. The salesclerk. The delivery person. It’s a domino chain of story transfers, until it ended with the story of how great it matches everything in the room.

I only touched on one level of those stories. Each story could also be broken down to a multitude of other stories. The story of the single mother who gave birth to the chemist who made the glue. The story of the autistic designer who created the seat cushion. The story of the sales clerk who stoled the money instead of putting it in the cash register. Every story has within it an infinite number of other stories just waiting to be told.

Can you understand goddesses, that every human-made object in this entire universe is not just an inanimate piece of wood, metal, or plastic that was merely manufactured, but it’s the metamorphosis of an invisible human thought within a person’s brain that turns into a physical, three-dimensional and tangible object, outside the brain through the transfer of stories. It’s the minds of the masses creating stories which create every human-made object in our reality.

As you look around your house, your place of employment or wherever you currently happen to be, make a mental note of everything that’s human-made. The picture on the wall. The buildings. The entire city. Each are the manifestations of a mind creating the reality around them. Your bedroom has blue walls, wooden bookcases and lavender pillowcases because of your choices to pick out that color and buy those human-made bookcases and pillowcases. You created the reality around you.

On the opposite end of the spectrum. Your prison cell has white walls, white sheets and white pillowcases with a picture of your mom hanging on the wall. How did you get surrounded by all those wonderful white human-made objects? Your choices to disobey the law created the reality around you.

I hope you’re beginning to understand how your minds isn’t the video recorder you’ve always thought it to be. It’s the video projector of the reality around you. You projected your thoughtwaves to desire to paint the walls blue. Then you chose what color blue you wanted. And finally, you followed that thought and choice up with an action of painting it blue. You desired to break the law, made that criminal choice and created that criminal action. Now the walls around you are white.

And the motivation behind each desire, was placed there by a story. Be it the story of how your girlfriend just repainted her house or the story of the landlord that was threatening to evict you which cause you to commit a crime.

So, we’re exchanging stories when we communicate with others all day long. We read stories in books, blogs and magazines and watch stories on our TV, computers and movie screens. We’re surrounded by human-made objects that are the tangible end of stories. What other ways do stories come into our daily lives?

Here’s one that you may not be aware of. It’s called music. Some of us spend hours each day believing we’re just listening to our favorite radio station, music app, or our music library on our phones. But the truth is, we’re really listening to someone’s story put down into lyrics and arranged with musical notes that became a song. These songs often become the soundtracks to our own story. Music can affect our emotions. Listening to your deceased mother’s favorite song can bring tears. Hearing the song that you danced to at your high school homecoming can cause a wave of happiness.

Unlike books, movies and other stories that come into your life on a one time or limited basis, a song can keep coming back into your brain over and over again for your entire life. Whether you chose to listen to it or stumble upon it playing on the radio, that three-minute story set to music called a song, is an active part of your life. Even today, forty-five years after its release, listening to songs from the movie Grease makes my mom happy.

Eventually you’ll begin to understand that stories aren’t just something you read in books or watch in movies; stories are everywhere. The universe you exist in is the manifestation of thoughts, which became stories and those stories manifested from minds, into every physical, tangible, human-made object around you.

Now here’s another interesting secret. When you communicate in any capacity to another person, the energy of your story now becomes part of that person’s story. And when you touch, buy, possess or use any human-made object, the energy of that objects story also now becomes the energy of your story.

Every day billions of humans are constantly exchanging stories through many different vehicles: in person, phones, the internet, email and zoom meetings. They’re creating, manufacturing and selling trillions and trillions of human-made objects. As a result, it’s all becomes one big energized collective story.

We’re going to call this giant story of all of humanity, the Story of Humans. We’ll talk about that story later. Right now, we’re going to talk about a particular story of a person called the Story of Me.

It’s not really the story of me, it’s the story of you. It’s your own story and we’re each going to title it, The Story of Me. What is your life but a perpetual story that unfolds with each Thought you create, Choice you make and Action you take? You will learn the powerful hidden secrets of your Thoughts, Choices and Actions in future blogs. Thoughts, Choices and Actions, or TCAs, of a person are like words that combined and create the stories that make up your very existence. They are what defines your life. Your Thoughts, Choices and Actions mold you mentally and physically. They create who you become in your outer appearance and most importantly, in your intellect, emotions and beliefs.

The way you dress, look and act is a direct result of the stories that come and go into your life. You are a teacher because another story motivated you to become one. You are an alcoholic because your story or the story of your parents, friends or advertisements urged you to become one. You are fashionable because of stories in magazines or stories on TV or in the movies. You are depressed and lonely because of past negative stories created by your own brain or influenced by other’s stories.

Here’s a story that I bet you never knew about stories.

You never have an original thought, nor an original story.

Everything you think and do, is triggered by an already existing story. You then move that story about in your mind and manipulate it some little capacity that makes you think, “Ah, my story is new. My thoughts are fresh and original!”

 But the truth is, a ball doesn’t roll without some type of push. Your thoughts, your stories, your entire lives, are like that ball. “Mom says I need to cut the grass.” Push ball. “Electric company says I need to pay the bill.” Push ball. “I need to lose some weight.” Push ball. It’s the outside push of other’s stories that keep you alive. That mold you. Move you. The only difference being, balls eventually come to a stop, whereas your brain perpetually keeps thinking. Nonstop.

 Now pay close attention goddesses because you’re about to be enlighten with jolt of superhuman intelligence.

Who creates your Story of Me?

I’ll give you a hint. What is your name? How old are you. And do you have any pets?

That’s right, you create your own Story of Me. You are the sole author of your own life story. While you may not have an original thought and you’re continually bombarded with other people’s stories, it’s your own mind and mentality that creates your Story of Me. You can have major influences and minor directions but at the end of the day, and the end of your life, you remain your own story taker and maker. No one is physically getting into your brain and controlling you. It’s your own Thoughts, Choices and Actions that you created in your mind and you personally acted out with your body that made you the person you are today.

If you like who you are, congratulations, you’ve made good Thoughts, Choices and Actions. If you don’t like who you are or where you are in life, then you can’t blame anyone but yourself. Yes, other’s may influence and effect you, but it was your brain that made the thoughts, created the choices and performed the actions that created your Story of Me.

Until you understand and accept the fact that you are the author of your own life’s story and stop blaming all the tragedies, miseries and mistakes on other people, you’re never going to evolve to a goddess.

 Goddess rule and take responsibility for their past, present and future lives. They create their own stories. They project their own realities around them. And they do so in a positive, healthy and productive manner. Yes, a goddess may have had an abusive childhood. Yes, a goddess may be in a toxic relationship. Yes, a goddess has been, and still is, being attacked by terrible and tragic stories, but there’s only one author of her Story of Me. And all she has to do is look in the mirror to find that author.

How you react, respond and choose to live your life because of all those other past negative and bad stories comes from no other brain than yours. You pick your own fate and choose your own destiny within your own mind and then manifest that story with your choices and actions. It’s those Thoughts, Choices and Actions made during and after your misery, that become your seed towards a greater happiness. When you learn how to master your Thoughts, Choices and Actions by allowing the proper stories into your brain, you grow that seed and nurture that misery into a greater happiness.

Are you beginning to understand how powerful the Secret Power of Story really is? You have your parents telling you stories that hopefully make you a better person. You have teachers that hopefully are making you smarter. You have religious and spiritual leaders that are hopefully guiding you towards a better understanding of your soul. You’re hearing and creating stories with friends, relatives and co-workers that will mold and make you into who you are. And finally, you have all the stories you put into your brain from the books you read, movies and tv shows you watch, computer games you play, music you listen to and all the other information, photos and videos you spend downloading into your brain all day long while on the internet and social medias.

As a goddess reading The Imperfect Dog goddess, you’ll learn how incredibly powerful and important the role of these stories have in creating you and the world you live in. You’ll recognize them for what they are:

Stories are the essence of your being.

You’ll also come in possesses of this golden nugget of Mother Goddess wisdom.

By removing and keeping out the bad, negative and destructive stories and storytellers of your life and replacing them with positive, good, intelligent and healthy stories and story tellers, you can change everything about your life. Your looks. Your health. Your mental balances and capacities. Your finances. Your relationships. You can literally evolve into a greater being by bringing stories of greater beings into your mind.

This blog is nothing more than a continuous story about greater beings-Father God and Mother Goddess and their gods and goddesses. Everything about your Story of Me is influenced by the stories and storytellers around you. Therefore, it’s absolutely important to be extremely careful and wise about which stories and storytellers you allow into your mind. You need to learn how to filter the stories. It’s called Learn to Discern and it’s the topic of my next blog.

Until then, see you on the Barkside.

-Lady d’Eve

BLOG 5: Learn to Discern

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