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AUTHOR: Eve Daughtry
WORDS: 2200


This past weekend mom and I went to the Festival of the Little Hills. Or should I say, it came to us. Once a year in August, our little historic town of St. Charles, MO is the scene of one of the country’s largest arts and crafts festivals. For three days, tens of thousands of people come from all over the Midwest to walk the cobblestone streets lined with vendors peddling everything from soap bars too Tikki bars.

Normally, when we go on our morning walks down Main Street the shops and restaurants are closed and it’s peaceful and quiet. But this past weekend there were thousands of people, dozens of dogs and millions of smells on the street. It was a puppy’s paradise!

I have a great story to tell you. Mom and I were strolling down the street, zig zagging through the crowds and around the booths when some human-made jewelry caught mom’s attention, so she stopped to take a look. My nose happened to notice a pile of something sweet laying on the ground several feet away. I nonchalantly inched my way towards it and took a sniff. It was cold and smelled so heavenly and creamy that I couldn’t help but just take a sample taste.

Oh. My. Goddess. I thought peanut butter was God’s gift to dogkind, but this was like a miracle food that opened my culinary soul to an entirely higher level of tastebud consciousness.

I took another lick. I’m not supposed to take licks. One of mom’s ten commandments, right below NO POTTYING INSIDE THE HOUSE, is NO EATING ANYTHING OUTSIDE THE HOUSE. Well that quick lick, turned into a full-blown feast of devouring everything in front of my face.

STOP! STOP! STOP! Mom yelled as she jerked the leash her way.

“What did I tell you about no eating anything outside?” Her tone caught the attention of nearby shoppers which immediately embarrassed me.

Too late. I had already wolfed down an entire scoop of what I came to learn was called chocolate swirl ice cream that some poor unfortunate kid had spilled on the ground.

Mom immediately escorted me away from the crowd and bent down to look me sternly in the eyes. That’s what she does when there’s an important story she needs to convey to me.

“Lady, you know you’re only supposed to eat what I give you. You’re going to get sick eating stuff off the ground.” Then she petted my head and turn my face towards hers. “I have no idea how that ice cream is going to affect your stomach.”

I thought traveled back to her brain and assured her that she had nothing to worry about. I was an Imperfect Dog goddess; I could handle anything. Especially something as heavenly delicious as chocolate swirl ice cream.

Girl, was I wrong.

Later that day, mom was out grocery shopping when I had this uncontrollable urge to poop. I didn’t want to poop. Mom was gone. There were no potty pads down because, we’ll, I obey mom’s commandment NO POTTYING IN THE HOUSE and don’t potty in the house. But this time I was in dire distress. I jumped off the ottoman and rain towards the kitchen and before I could even get in my poop stance, I started exploding poop all over the floor.

It got it all over my legs. All over the kitchen cabinets. I don’t mean to be so disgustedly detailed, but in order for you to understand the magnitude of the horrid mess that I had made booth physically on the floor and mentally in my mind, it’s necessary. The entire house reeked like revolting shit. I ran to the bathtub, jumped in and started crying. I was sick, embarrassed and humiliated. I knew that the bathtub was the place to go to get cleaned up. So, there I laid in my own excrement until mom came home.

When I heard the door open, I expect her to have her own shitfit in another sense. She’d yell and scream at me. But she didn’t. She was so shocked at the scene when she walked into the apartment and when she saw me laying in the tub with tears in my eyes, she got down on her knees and once more, less sternly and more compassionately, looked me in the eyes.

“I told you Lady; No eat. Sick.” she whispered. Then she turned on the warm water and began spraying me off with the shower massage. It felt so amazing.

“This is what happens when you disobey me and eat things on the ground. You get sick.” Then she continued talking to herself in frustration. “…and I have to clean up the mess.”

Talk about feeling guilty as all get out. I tried to lick her face in apology and tell her that I was sorry, but she had none of it.

“Nope. You’re not getting out of this one so easily. You disobeyed me, so you don’t get any treats or documentaries for two days. You were a bad girl, Lady.”

Now I’ve been called many things in my imperfect life, immature, obstinate and hard-headed are just a few words that have been used to describe me. But bad? Me, bad? OK, I admit, I’m not a saint like Mother Teresa, nor an angel like Gabriel, but next to Jesus, I am the most obedient and best Child of the Gods there is. The accusation stung my soul.

 As a goddess, I had never experienced being sick before. I was familiar with the term, but unfamiliar with the feeling. When mom would say. “No eat. Sick.” I thought that as a Child of the Gods, even in an imperfect dog form, I would never get sick. Wrong. Did I have to learn that lesson the hard way.

Now I totally understand what mom was trying to convey to me. She knew that eating things outside on the ground could make me sick or possibly even kill me. So, she kept telling me. “No eat. Sick.” I heard what she was saying but because I was ignorant and never knew what being “sick” was all about, it didn’t click in my dog brain. I had to experience sickness first-hand before the light went off of what it really was.

It must be extremely hard and even frustrating at times, for mom to try and tell me something that I have no concept of. We’re two different animals that communicate in two extremely different ways. Mom really wants to convey her story, “If you randomly eat things on the ground, eventually you’re going to eat something spoiled, rotten or nasty and it’s going to make you sick.” So she tells me that story in only three powerful important words. No eat. Sick.”.

She knows I know what the word “No” means. No getting on the bed. No chewing on my leash. No jumping on anyone. That word is a no-brainer. Haha, I just made a funny. She knows I absolutely love the word “eat.” That was like one of the first words I ever learned in the dog body.

But sick? I’ve never seen mom sick. I know she sits on that white water chair all the time when she goes potty. I feel it’s important for me to come in and encourage her. Tell her she’s such a good girl by pottying on the water chair. I’ll give her all kinds of attention to help her through the process. Even when sometimes it stinks so bad, my eyes start to water.

So when it came to the word, “sick” I was clueless. That had to be challenging for mom to tell me a three-word story that would save me so much suffering, when one third of the story was unconceivable to me..

I guess to use a human analogy, it’s like trying to tell a toddler the value of a hundred-dollar bill. Give a small child a choice between a chocolate swirl ice cream cone and a hundred-dollar bill, and the child will always pick the ice cream cone. They’re too young and have no experience with money. The ice cream is visually appealing. It smells good and tastes fabulous, so it’s a no brainer to a small child to take the ice cream over the money.

But as an adult, you’ve matured, and you understand the concept of money. You know the one-hundred-dollar bill is way more valuable. Not only can it buy dozens of chocolate swirl ice cream cones, but it can pay bills, buy entire meals and lots of other pretty things. You’ll take the hundred-dollar bill over the ice cream cone any day. But to a toddler, it’s just a meaningless piece of paper. It has no value to them. It’s something that they’re eventually just going to put into their mouths and chew on and not enjoy near as much as the ice cream, because they used it the wrong way.

When I think of my own Godly Parents, I’m reminded of how often They too attempt to prevent a human from doing something they’re not supposed to do. They try to talk to them by putting people into their lives with great advice and wisdom and they flash red flags all in front of their faces, but because that person is still intellectually, emotionally or spiritually immature and hasn’t Learn to Discern that one particular lesson, they make the wrong choice and suffer the consequence.

Remember, it’s no coincidence you’re here reading these words. The knowledge that you learn from the teachings of Mother Goddess is like an extremely valuable spiritual dollar bill for the mind, body and soul that being offered to you. The question is, are you spiritually mature enough to recognize it’s value? I hope so because part of it’s value is to save you lots of suffering and misery. That’s no shit. Hehe, I made another human funny.

Before you began reading this blog, you were an immature child. You quickly grabbed the Adamsmen’s ice cream because it was visually pleasing, and it taste so delicious and everyone else you knew where also eating the same sweet things. It was normal and acceptable.

But the Adamsmen’s ice cream is a false full. Be it drugs, alcohol, tobacco, porn, gambling, the need to possess material things, fame, riches, popularity and all those other things that please the human physical and emotional senses but have no long-term spiritual benefits. Matter of fact, the Adamsmen’s ice cream is not only frivolous, it’s down right physically, mentally and spiritually destructive.

The stories found in The Imperfect Dog goddess are meant to guide you down a path of life away from the current Adamsmen path you’re following that leads you to a higher level of negativity in your life. When you implement the wisdom of Mother Goddess into your life with your Thoughts, Choices and Actions, you Choose to follow the Path of Jankwin and when your Actions reflect that of a wise and enlightened goddess, you save yourself tons of misery. You don’t make as many bad choices that physically, emotionally or spiritually hurt you or potentially kill you. A goddess who lives a life with a minimal of bad choices and excessive good choices, will experience a life filled with a greater amount of happiness, health, wealth and wisdom. That’s the guarantee given to us by our Godly parents.

 And here’s an even more ironic twist to the story of my sickness. The Adamsmen have twisted your minds so much that, even as a human adult, you don’t know the true value of money. Their stories of want and greed have brainwashed you to follow the path of materialism and vanity. Buy the car that’s fives time more expensive because it nurses your ego. Wear the over-priced designer shoes, clothes and jewelry and get the attention of others. It’ll help your self-esteem. Own the biggest house even if there’s only two of you living in it. You deserve it.

They’ve turned money from a vehicle once used to trade goods and necessities, into an addictive drug called self-indulgence which leads down a path, not to true wealth, but to empty unfulfillment. And the Adamsmen are collecting your hard-earned money in their banks and business and laughing to themselves how stupid and foolish you are.

The misery of pooping all over myself has taught me an incredible lesson in my dog life. Now I’ve matured in some small capacity and know this one great wisdom: I don’t care where it’s at, what it looks like or how delicious it smells, if it’s not given to me by the hand of my loving mother, I’m not eating it.

That’s my story of how I came to Learn to Discern not to eat anything outside. Hopefully, you have several of your own Story of Mes that resemble mine. Through some kind of negativity, you gain positivity. Many humans never acquire the wisdom to Learn to Discern. They go through life making habitual bad choices because they can’t discern the difference between good and bad, positive and negative and healthy and unhealthy. You can blame that on Bartholomew’s Wall and the story and storytellers they let into their brain.

You might look at the Adamsmen’s Bartholomew’s Wall like a WWII Nazi radio wave jammers for your mind. The good guys were trying to get messages to one another that would help or save them but their radio waves were intercepted by the Nazi’s radio wave jammers. The good guys radio signals got scrambled up or blocked and prevented the messages from being read or understood. I saw that in a documentary on WWII and it made me compare the two.

The Adamsmen’s brainwash you to believe their lies. But Father God and Mother Goddess, as well as loved ones in your life, and now me, try to get messages to your brain that are meant to help or save you. Bartholomew’s Wall scrambles or blocks our good, positive and healthy thoughtwaves and instead of being helped or saved, you’re lead down a path to misery and death. And everyone know, misery loves company. Which just so happens to be the topic of my next blog. Stay tune and discover how misery not only love’s company, it thrives on it.

See you on the Barkside,
Lady d’Eve

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