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In my last story, I taught you how important it is to Learn to Discern. It’s done by continually asking yourself, is this choice, story or storyteller playing a positive role in my brain by helping me, inspiring me, and making me a better person? Or is this choice, story or storyteller, negatively impacting my life by feeding my mind, body and soul with destructive sweets that will harm, hurt or make me a more miserable person?

 When you Learn to Discern between the truth of Mother Goddess and the Lies of the Adamsmen and then separate yourself away from those destructive choices, stories and storytellers you’ll witness miracles take place in your life. You’ll physically, intelligently, emotionally, and spiritually feel your metamorphosis from human, to incredible goddess happen. You’ll experience a lot less misery in your life. Which is good thing, because well all know:

Misery loves company.

You may have heard the expression before as a human, but you’ve never really understood it’s meaning or comprehended its power. Let me put this phrase in your brain once again, but this time, you’re going to totally understand it because you’re becoming an intelligent and wise goddess. You’re also spiritually maturing and recognizing the value of my one-hundred dollar bill. Here’s the phrase:

Misery loves company.

There’s nothing that a miserable person (or storyteller) enjoys more, than bringing other people into their miserable life (or their Story of Me). By inflicting their misery on you and you accepting their misery into your Story of Me, it gives them an eschewed sense of normality. Their Story of Me goes like this:

I am miserable and those around me are miserable, therefore, misery is normal.”

Allowing the miserable storyteller or their stories into your Story of Me, energizes their Story of Me. It gives it life. It empowers and validates the storyteller’s story and makes them think that every thought, choice and action they’re making is common and acceptable.

Unfortunately, for thousands of years, your ancestors have perpetuated this extremely self-destructing attitude and allowed bad stories and storytellers into their lives for so long, that unhealthy, self-destructive and miserable mindsets have become so normal and acceptable that most humans don’t even recognize them as bad and destructive. That’s where the danger comes in. It’s also exactly how the Adamsmen want it.

Storytellers aren’t just your friends, family, personal acquaintances and loved ones. Those storytellers may be the most influence and easily accessed. They may also be the easiest to bring in and out of your life. However, you must remember, your entire world is made of stories and storytellers. Teachers, books, social medias, co-workers and especially the news; everywhere you look, you’re surrounded by storytellers. The question you have to perpetually ask yourself is: Is their story, good or bad, a lie or the truth, healthy or destructive? Learn to Discern.

Just because you go to a prestigious university known for its reputation and their renown intellectual staff, doesn’t mean the stories (aka classes and curriculum) their feeding into your brain are good, truthful or healthy. Chances are, it’s just the opposite. Academic institutes are one of the Adamsmen’s greatest fertile grounds for breeding mindsets that gravitate towards mankind’s greatest faults of greed, ignorance, religion, love of alcohol, drugs etc, poverty, oppression, war and disease.

“Society”, which is a pseudonym that the Adamsmen love to hide behind, tells us to get a good education and go into the fields of medicine or law. Those are two of the highest paying careers. Hmmm? Do you think it’s a coincidence that doctors and lawyers derived those really big salaries from those who are physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually suffering? I think not.

On a different storyteller level, next time you purchase that best-selling thriller or horror book, written by that incredible world renown and rich author, ask yourself this Learn to Discern question: After I’ve invested all these precious and limited hours of my life reading this story, is the return I get on this thought investment going to bring happiness, positivity and joy into my Story of Me? Is it going to make me a better person? A smarter individual? A more evolved goddess? Or does it waste my time with fluff and frivolity? Or feed my fears and depression by reading about other people’s misery, so that I feel that living in a dark, violent and depressive world is normal? You’ll be amazingly surprised how much your thoughts, choices and actions change when you Learn to Discern in an intelligent, healthy and positive way.

And finally, when it comes to the news media you have to understand one fact: The news media is controlled by the Adamsmen. It’s their game controller to the minds of the masses. Through the news they create and write the Story of Humans. Newspapers, news magazines and news websites do nothing but create the history of mankind. That makes them the sole storytellers of the Story of Humans.

In the past, humankind had a very limited choices of news sources. Today there are tens of thousands of choices. So, what do news outlets do to make you choose their stories over the infinite amount of other distractions and stories you can put into your Story of Me?

They lie. They sensationalize. They fill their news with stories that are going to stir and set your emotions on fire because the more emotional you get, the more you’re going to keep tuning into their stories. Your manipulated emotions are what keeps them in business. It pays their bills, their salaries and makes their advertisers happy. They want you to be pissed, confused, scared, and divided because that’s what the Adamsmen want the entire human race to be. Anger, confusion, fear and division is what keeps the Adamsmen in power. In my first blog you learned this wisdom:

Mother Goddess brings intelligence, courage, freedom and unity. The Adamsmen despise those four godly natures found in humans. They begin to shake in their expensive shiny shoes when those words are even mentioned. It is only when an individual receives these supernatural powers of intelligence, courage, freedom and unity are they able to break free from the Adamsmen mind control and their brainwashing powers

A goddess recognizes the news media for what it really is, a massive mind manipulative weapon of the Adamsmen. Stop watching the news and you’ll discover two incredible transformations take place in your life.

One—your level of stress, anxiety, anger, fear, and all that other negative bullshit the Adamsmen want to put into your brain, will fall drastically out of your Story of Me. You’ll be amazed at how much better you’ll feel physically and emotionally when you stop feeding your brain with their poison. You’ll find a greater level of happiness because you’ll be more relaxed and less stressed. You won’t be as bitchy and crabby as much. Which will make millions of my fellow four-legged dog gods and goddess happier because we’re always one of the first ones to bear the brunt of a human’s anger and frustrations. So, it’s a win/win for both of us.

Two—the world around you doesn’t end, it actually gets better. I know it might be hard to believe, because the Adamsmen have brainwashed you to think it your life depends on everything that’s happening in the news. But the truth is, the news of the world outside your brain, has absolutely no effect on the world inside your brain. It’s only when you read, watch or listen to the news and you open your mind to their bad, negative, and emotionally manipulative stories that it then mixes and mingles and energizes your own Story of Me. And before you know it, your thoughts, choices and actions mirror that negativity of the news and viola, the physical and real world around you becomes just as the news wants it to be.

Here’s a Mother Goddess fact:

Like an artist uses paint to paint a picture on a canvass, we, as gods and goddesses, create the physical world around us by projecting our thoughtwaves onto the screen of fabric energy and through our choices and actions that come from within us, we manifest the reality around us.

The Adamsmen’s scientists have yet to discover either thoughtwaves or the screen of fabric energy. Like all the other waves in our spectrum, i.e. sound, radio, microwave, infrared, light, ultraviolet, x-ray and gamma, thoughtwaves have existed since the beginning of your human creation. Matter of fact, it was our Godly Parent’s own thoughtwaves that created the earth and everything in this universe, including you and me. And I’m realizing that one of the reasons They thought me into existence, was because I needed to come to this earth and tell you all about god, goddesses, thoughtwaves, the screen of fabric reality and all the other secrets and wisdom to fulfill Their own Story of Humans.

In the past, the Adamsmen were in control of the Story of Humans and they wrote and told stories through holy books, newspapers, magazines, TVs, and movies dominated by greed, ignorance, religion, love of vice, poverty, oppression, war and disease. They implanted all those stories into the individual minds of the masses and as a result the masses projected their thoughtwaves onto the yet-to-be-discovered screen of fabric energy and created the real physical and tangible world as we once knew and currently know it. A world of wars, mass oppression, murders, slavery, poverty, injustices, discrimination, disease, pandemics, etc. The Adamsmen then took all that money from those money-making machines and invested it right back into bigger and better negative stories and vehicles, with the internet being their absolute best tool in all the Story of Humans.

As a goddess you now know the existence of thoughtwaves and have the awareness of the screen of fabric energy. You hold within your mind a power that is greater than all humans, even the Adamsmen.

It’s called the Infinite Power of Possibilities. You’ll learn how to master this power in future stories.

Imagine, if all the world were filled with billions of Jankwin gods and goddess. As one united force, you shut off the Adamsmen’s tragic news stories coming into your Story of Mes. Instead, you, projected thoughtwaves that went something like this:

I will not tolerate war and will abolish the thought of war from my Story of Me.

Then, as a united mind of the masses, everyone made Choices and Actions that reflected those thoughtwaves. Very soon you’d manifest the impossibility of world peace, become possible. War would be eradicated and the world would have peace.

If you each filled your individual screens of fabric energy with an abundance of TCAs (Thoughts Choices and Actions) that possessed an intolerance of crime and the reformation of the criminal mind, and a billion minds projected the same thoughtwaves, then the impossibility of ever eradicating crime, would become possible. Crime would cease to exist.

The Infinite Power of Possibilities opens the doors to even greater benefits to the human race. When used properly by Jankwin gods and goddesses they can manifest miracles just as Jesus did. That’s why the Adamsmen have always kept it from the minds of humanity. If god and goddesskind thought on a one world global basis, that they could heal any injury, sickness or disease with only your minds, and all the minds of the Jankwin gods and goddess all over this earth adhered to the same thought and projected that thoughtwaves and followed it up with the same Choices and Actions, healing miracles take place from one pole of this planet to another.

Jankwins could take the Story of Humans away from the control of the Adamsmen and tell it the way you want it to be told. But it can only be done with the intelligence, courage, freedom and most importantly UNITY of the Jankwin gods and goddesses

The internet is the Adamsmen cancer of the brain. It’s their greatest Weapon of Mass Discerption that keeps their stories of sickness, conflict, division, fear and negativity in the frontal lobes of all humanity especially through social and news media, They have controlled the minds of the masses for thousands of years behind Bartholomew’s Wall. As a result, they’ve dominated the stories played out on the screen of fabric energy and thus prevented the reality of happiness, health, wealth and wisdom of humanity. Misery has thrived on their company.

 That was your Story of Me and the Story of Humans, before you came here. I’m so happy, thankful and glad you’re here.

That’s my story for today. Mom and I are going to spend some time outside before it starts to rain. May I suggest you do the same. Step away from the electronics, put away the phone and turn off the TV. Find something to do outside in nature, which just happens to be a major portion of another story we’ll get into shorty called the Story of Gods.

But before I go, there’s one more story I need you tell you about.

It takes a lot of energy and effort from both mom and I to tell you our true, intelligent and positive stories of Mother Goddess. Mom spends many hours thought traveling into my thoughts and then transposing those thoughts into words that eventually, after lots of editing and corrections, end up here in this blog. Mom originally thought she was to take this knowledge and turn it into a book, but I have laid it upon her heart not to do so for three reasons.

The first being, books take a lot of time to write, edit, publish and get out to a reading audience. Humanity doesn’t have a lot of time. As stated earlier, as we write these blogs the Adamsmen are busy working fast and furious on creating A.I and other means of crippling the global economies and bringing about wars and other atrocities that could put humanity back into the Dark Ages. Our Story of Mother Goddess and The Imperfect Dog goddess needs to be out in the world immediately. A blog allows this to happen. With a couple of clicks of the mouse a blog can go from one’s computer to the eyes of millions.

The second reason why publishing a book is out of the question is because even after you write and edit a book, you still have to get it published. The publishing industry has always been one of the Adamsmen’s spoiled brat babies. Since book binding began, they’ve been the gate keepers of what stories get made into books and enter the minds of the masses. They’ve rejected so much truth and so many extremely awesome stories, just because it didn’t fit their agenda.

Take J.K. Rowling for example. Did you know her first book, Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone was rejected by, not just one, two or three male dominated publishing companies, but by a dozen. That’s right, twelve publishers denied Ms. Rowling the ability to tell her story. But, as we all know, one publisher finally gave it the green light and the Harry Potter phenomenon was born. Millions of fans and billions of dollars later, I can’t help but think about those twelve publishers who are kicking themselves in the ass while Ms. Rowling still laughs all the way to the bank.

In reality, no book publishers are going to touch the story of The Imperfect Dog god. In addition to offending and pissing off most of the human population, it’s the story about the demise of those who truly control the publishing industry, the Adamsmen. They are already going to attack, destroy and attempt to discredit this blog and it’s author by trying to prevent whatever mom writes in this blog and posts in any type of social media she puts out there. So, publishing a book is not an option.

And finally, books require their readers to spend money. Mother Goddess wants Her story and wisdom to be spread around the world, in every language and by every human, no matter their sex, age, race, nationality or financial status. In other words, let this wisdom be read by the young, old, male, female, white, black, rich and the poor. Especially the poor. They are largest group of the Adamsmen’s victims and the most oppressed.

The greed of the Adamsmen has destroyed humanity for too long. Now it’s time for the mercy, kindness and charity of Mother Goddess to spread across the planet. The Imperfect Goddess dog is A FREE blog given to humanity and presented on the Adamsmen own Weapon of Mass Deception and Destruction. It is Mother Goddesses gift to humanity.

Didn’t I tell you how awesome She is? Your average greedy human would have taken all this extremely fascinating and original content of this blog and packaged it up in a book and tried to sell it for millions. But since me, my spiritual Mother and earthy mom are all female goddesses, we don’t have that greedy nature within us. We don’t worship money and desire to gain earthy treasures.

We’re here to tell the story of Mother Goddess and spread Her intellect, courage, freedom and unity. My mom and I are extremely thankful for everyone who has read everything up to now….

…and here’s where the big but comes in.

BUT… in order for you to continue reading this blog for free, we need something in return and it’s not money. We need your email address. By joining our Followers Fan page below, you will be sent a code that will open the cyber lock that will allow you to keep learning the teachings of Mother Goddess so that you can break free from the spiritual and mental lock called the Bartholomew’s Wall and evolve into a goddess.

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The Adamsmen will eventually shut down our social medias because my truth totally contradicts their lies and their agendas. We need to create other networks for Jankwin gods and goddesses all across the earth. The best way to start this process is through an email campaign.  

So please, learn more and stay connected by filling out the form below and hitting the “Follow” button. It’s no coincidence you’re here. You are destined to continue on your life changing Journey to Jankwin and towards finding true happiness, health, wealth and wisdom and saving humanity.

See you on the Bark Side

Our Lady d’Eve

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