BLOG 1: A.I.s, Aliens, Asteroids, and the Apocalypse


A.I.s, Aliens, Asteroids, and the Apocalypse

AUTHOR: Eve Daughtry
WORDS: 3941

Welcome to my blog, The Imperfect Dog goddess!

Chances are, you’ve probably made a few bad choices in your life. We all have. Perfect. That’s why you’re here. On the other hand, if you’re one of those habitual bad choice makers, then congratulations even more. You’ve made the absolute best choice you’ve ever made in your life. From this day forward, you’re never going to be the same person. That’s because you’re about to embark on an incredible journey.

If you can grasp the wisdom in my words and follow through with the right choices and actions, you’re going to experience an evolutional transformation. This isn’t a fairy tale or a fictitious story like Harry Potter. This is real. Factual. The knowledge contained in this story has the potential to physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually turn you into a totally new, not person, but god or goddess.

Did you ever notice that when you take the word “dog” and you spell it backwards, it becomes the word “god?” Well, that’s no coincidence. It’s part of Mother Goddess’ humor and foresight. She knew that when She and Father God created us, we would play an extremely important part in the lives of their other two-legged creatures called humans. So, She transposed the word used for all of Her creatures, “god”, and named that one special four-legged, furry companion a “dog”.

Dog=god. God=dog. We are one in the same.   

The only difference between us and you humans is the fact that we recognize our divine status. We know we are four-legged gods and goddesses. That’s why you feed us. Bathe us. Pet and play with us. I mean seriously, you walk behind us picking up our shit and dispose of it. That act alone, justifies our superiority over you. Have you ever read in Bulfinch’s Mythology any other God or Goddess, be it Roman or Greek, that had humans go around picking up their shit? And should I also mention, putting up with their shit?

Nope. That’s because we are special types of canine gods and goddesses.

Let me make a couple of author notes here. When I describe someone as being a god, I always use a lower case “g”. In this universe containing the planet Earth there are only two Gods with a capital “G”. They are our creators. Our Spiritual Parents. Only They have the distinction of the capital “G”. They are Father God and Mother Goddesses. All Their other creatures, including you and me, carry the title god or goddess, with a lower-case g.

In addition, instead of constantly using the term god/goddess to address both my male and female readers while writing this blog, I’m going to use the feminine noun “goddess” as the main descriptive subject of my audience. I don’t mean to slight the male population or give the impression this blog is a radical, feminist mouthpiece just for women because it’s absolutely NOT. The male species of humans NEED to read this. It’s just a little easier writing goddess, as oppose to god/goddess, that’s all.

So, you and I are both goddesses. But unlike 99.9% of humanity who walk around on two legs, clueless of the fact they are goddesses, and even more ignorant of why they’re born and what purpose they have here on this planet, dogs know with complete and absolute confidence our purpose and meaning of life.

 In a physical sense, we were created to provide you humans with a means of joy, entertainment and companionship. Father God and Mother Goddess created us. Mother Goddess named us. And together, they both gave us our meaning. We were put here on earth to be, not just man’s best friend, but humankind’s best friend. And that’s what we’ve been doing from the very beginning. That is our meaning of life.

But that’s not our purpose in life. When it comes to all the creatures made by our Godly Parents, we’re all assigned the same propose. We’re here for the same reason. From ant eaters to zebras and every living, breathing and thinking creature in between, our purpose here on Earth, is as follows:

We are here to learn how to physically, intelligently, emotionally and spiritually grow and mature until we evolve into the awesome gods and goddesses our Godly Parents created us to become.

That’s the great divide that separates you humans from us dogs and every other species on this planet. Animals know we’re spiritual gods and goddess existing in some type of temporary physical body here on Earth. We understand we play a part in the Story of the Gods and that part is to follow the direction and will of the Gods. No matter what part we’re assigned, we play it with the utmost sincerity and pleasure because we know it’s just a part in a play and it’s not going to last forever. We don’t mind possessing little brains because we have incredibly large spirits. And in the big picture of life—the only picture that matters to the Gods—a big spirit always trumps a big brain. Brains come and go with each life we live, but our spirit stays with us in every life. A big spirit is a sign that that creature has lived many lives and successfully and properly grown in each life.

Most humans, on the other hand, have little spirits but big egos. You believe that you are all that and a bag of kibbles. Your big brains have convinced you that since you’re at the top of the food chain, you’re also the supreme species and at the apex of the evolutional ladder. You wrongly believe you are the most important flesh and blood creatures the Gods have ever created and that you exist for great lengths of time in this life. Then you die and your spirit, which you’ve never recognized while living, goes to one of two places. For the good and religious ones, you go to heaven, a place of eternal happiness where you spend forever with all your loved ones who are no longer old, sick or invalids. It’s just one infinite happiness party.

For the bad guy, or those of you who don’t follow religion, your souls are sent to another place. Hell. Where you endure pain, suffering and misery 24/7/infinity.

What a silly and foolish story your human brains believe. To think our all-knowing and all-loving Godly Parents, would place us in any type of eternity that was either extremely happy or extremely miserable is complete hogwash. We would go mad in either. No, Father God and Mother Goddess love us purely and unconditionally, that’s why we’re always growing and maturing not just in one life, but many. Through the constant changing existence of many temporary lives, each acting like an educational classroom to our soul, we evolve from gods into Gods with a capitol G.

We have a saying in the dog world that goes like this,

 “If it’s has a thumb, it’s probably dumb.”

I don’t mean to insult my furry friends like the apes, panda bears and possums, but the truth is, when it comes to possessing real intelligence—the eternal and spiritual kind—humans fall to the bottom of the evolutionary chart. The only creatures more stupid than humans are squirrels. Nobody likes squirrels.

When the robin flies freely in the sky, she thanks the Gods that she has wings to soar and enjoys her flight. When the dolphin leaps out of the water, he screams in his high squeaky dolphin voice, “Praise be to the Gods, for my wonderful fins and world of water.” They know they’re just experiencing a temporary existence in a mortal body.

Humans, however, do nothing but bitch and moan about their status in this life. They want to fly like the less intelligent robin and swim like the less evolved dolphin, so they build planes and submarines to imitate their abilities. But it doesn’t stop there. Humans are never satisfied with their place in life. They keep wanting more, more, more. Faster travel, faster communication, more knowledge, power and greed. They are always on a pursuit to conquer, dominate and progress.

And that is where I enter the story.

Who am I? I am a dog. A two-year-old English Setter and Pit Bull mix to be exact. I was raised and abused on a chain in the Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri by drug addicts who got busted and went to prison. So, I was sent to a dog shelter in St. Charles, MO where I was rescued by an angel named Eve Daughtry. Therefore, I am called, Our Lady of Eve. Or Our Lady d’Eve.

That is who I am in a temporary physical sense while on this earth. But in spirit, my name is, Jankwin, the daughter of Father God and Mother Goddess. Younger sister of Jesus Christ.

Two thousand human years ago, my Brother Jesus, was sent here by our Father God to make an attempt to teach humankind their meaning and purpose. He wanted all the world to know that they weren’t just humans. They were Children of Gods who possess incredible powers. He demonstrated those powers. He taught them that if they had faith in Him and believed His stories and acted on what He said, they could become god-like too and spend eternity with Him and Father God.

Unfortunately, the task turned out to be a lot more difficult than expected. Jesus has given it a noble and valiant effort so far. The miracles, the lessons of life and, oh, the painful suffering. That crucifixion scene was a really hard one to watch. He was so incredibly calm, cool and collective. The way He just humbly stood there silently taking all the insults, lies and abuse, knowing full well with a single word or a wave of His hand, He could have totally wiped out His pieces of shit human accusers. Sorry for my profanity. Jesus was the perfect man. I am the Imperfect Dog goddess. I cuss.

I was proud of Him. As His little sister, I was His biggest fan and admirer. And, had humanity faced extinction right after his crucifixion, they may have pulled through it based on Jesus’ testimony and example alone.

But they didn’t.

Over the course of time, I watched Jesus’ story, along with the meaning and the purpose of His coming, get twisted, turned and tangled up into a gigantic clusterf*$k of Biblical proportions. And who are the culprits that are guilty of making a mockery of Jesus’ true teachings?

A small group of wealthy, egotistical and male-chauvinist men, who were extremely jealous of Jesus and His power. Since his first miracle of changing water to wine, this group of men have made it their sole purpose to discredit and destroy everything Jesus was sent here to accomplish. They also vowed that their first-born male child would also dedicate his life to further the destruction of Jesus’ message.

You’ve never heard the name of this group of men because they’re experts of anonymity. The hide behind their money and prestige, like chameleons. They are not one particular race or religion. They believe in neither. Wealth and power are their Gods. They’ve created alias names and fictitious characters for themselves throughout history: Satan, demons, Princes of Darkness and many other malevolent titles, as a mean to take the attention off their own evil deeds. But let me tell you right now, these few living and breathing, flesh and blood REAL HUMAN BEINGS, make the imaginary spiritual arch enemies of the Gods look like amateur and petty thugs.

They are called the Adamsmen. Remember their name and spread it like fire all across this earth. From their founding fathers who lived during the life of Christ to their present day ancestral lineage, the Adamsmen have, and still do, maintain the power and resources to manipulate all of humanity into doing whatever they want.

Look at it this way. Most of humankind has become their cult followers and they are their mind-controlling, anonymous, cult-leaders. In the past, they had limited access into the minds of humans and used scrolls, holy books, newspapers, magazines, books, radios, and TVs to brainwash the masses. Today, through the use the internet they have total access into the thoughts of mankind.

Jesus came to the earth to be The Tree of Life to humanity. He was the greatest spiritual teacher, but the Adamsmen took Jesus’ words, His wisdom and His ways of life and turned Him from being the Tree of Life, into an out-of-control, invasive bush called Organized Religion whose thorny branches of indoctrination, dogma and deception wrap around the minds of the masses. They have added and subtracted stories. They have spun and switched His words around to appease their agenda and purpose. And as a result, humanity has traveled down an incredibly different path of life. Not towards evolutional enlightenment, but away from it.

However, the Adamsmen greatest crime and injustice to humanity has been their censure of Mother Goddess. Without the knowledge and power of Mother Goddess in the Earth’s realm, humanity’s progression was unbalance, skewed and retarded. Each Godly Parent has their own unique characteristics and natures they pass down into us.

The animal kingdom has always been aware of Mother Goddess. She feeds us, gives us homes and provides for us. Even with our small brains and seemingly weak and useless bodies, we still manage to live, love and learn how to survive. It’s because we have the spiritual awareness of both our Godly Parents genes and use them accordingly.

Just as a human child needs the proper parental upbringing of both a physically dominate male father and an emotionally dominate female mother in order for her to become a well-rounded, balanced, and a functional adult, humanity itself was void of the feminine half of their spiritual Godly Parents. Without the awareness of Mother Goddess and Her natures and characteristics, humankind has become dysfunctional to the point of degenerate.

And proof of this truth lays in the fact that while humanity has exponentially progressed in many aspects of physical life, like technology, communication, and medicine, at the core of their emotional being, in other words, their souls and spirits, they have not changed at all. Humanity’s misery and suffering are just as dominate today as they were in the time of my Brother, Jesus. That is why humans remains the lowest beastly animals in the kingdom of the Gods here on Earth. Out of all they animals, only humankind possess these seven faults:

Greed, Ignorance, Religion, Love of Vice, Poverty, Oppression, War and Disease.

One would think that after two thousand years of maturing and evolving under the dominance of Organized Religion that several, or perhaps just one, of these seven faults would have been eradicated from the mindsets of humanity.

But they haven’t.

Mankind has never really been, nor is currently, kind. Your cities are filled with churches, mosques and synagogues on every corner. Yet, within those same cities, hunger, homelessness, poverty and crime still run rampant. You’ve progressed to the point where you can instantly mass communicate all across the globe via the internet, but the stories that are being feed to the masses are destroying their minds, their sense of self-worth and causing an epidemic of anxiety, fear, depression, mental illness and suicide. You and your two-legged species are spiraling down the toilet tank towards self-annihilation.

Father God sent his Perfect Son, my brother Jesus, to save humanity and it’s not totally working. So, after more than twenty centuries of patiently watching and waiting, our Mother Goddess, whom you have never heard of, has finally put her spiritual foot down upon this Earth and sent me, her imperfect goddess daughter in an attempt to help Jesus in his mission to save the souls of humanity by destroying their greatest enemy and eradicating the Seven Faults of Humanity.

My main mission is not to become your personal spiritual Savior, that’s my Brother’s role. I am here to become your spiritual BFF. That’s why Mother Goddess has put me in the form of humankind’s BFF, a dog, and placed me on this planet. Just like you, it is also my purpose to grow and evolve from an imperfect goddess to a Perfect Goddess, with a capital “G” like my Brother, Mother and Father. Successfully completing my mission will help me achieve my next evolutional step forward.

  My mission is to expose the Adamsmen for who they really are. So that humanity will break free from their brainwashing spell and evolve into gods and goddess. You see, it’s extremely important for you to become a goddess. My Brother’s return is coming soon. But because of your ancestor’s ignorance that has caused them to perpetually fall under the mind manipulations of the Adamsmen and your inability to evolve to higher spiritual beings, Father God and Mother Goddess have their doubts whether your species is even worthy to continue to exist.

In layman’s terms, as Children of the Gods, humanity has been a constant high maintenance and pain in the ass to Father God and Mother Goddess. Therefore, you are going to be given Four Evolutionary Tests. Your ability to survive these tests will determine whether humanity is worthy to remain here on this Earth by evolving into intelligent gods and goddesses who unite together and prevail over these tests. Or you remain the discombobulated foolish, beastly animals you always have been, which will result in your physical death and the extinction of your species. The Four Human Evolutionary Tests are:

A.I.s, Asteroids, Aliens and the Apocalypse.

Humanity has lived in a sheltered paradise on a remote planet unknown to other gods and celestial foreigners. They were given the brains, hands, and natural resources, along with the ability and the knowledge, to thrive and create a world of peace and prosperity for all its inhabitants. Our Godly Parents put within your spirits the purpose and desire to evolve and mature and grow into greater gods. And, had it not been for the deceptions of the Adamsmen, humanity may have reached their intended godly level. The earth would have become a spiritual sanctuary, where all souls, both animal and human, experienced an abundance of true happiness, health, wealth and wisdom.

But because of your greed, ignorance and insatiable desire for technological progression, you’re destroying this paradise and compromising both the earth’s and all its inhabitant’s sustainability and survival. Through nuclear war, you’ve exposed the once anonymous earth to celestial foreigners. Opening the doors to potential invasion and domination by other gods who are more intelligent, more fierce and incredibly more destructive than anything humanity has ever experience. The time may come where man’s enemy is no longer his fellow man, nor the Adamsmen, but celestial adversaries that stalk, hunt and pray upon your flesh and blood for food and trophy, just as you have always stalked, hunted and prayed upon what you’ve believed to be lower animals.

Our Godly Parents put you in a paradise and set you on a path towards utopia. Instead, you are destroying this paradise and traveling down an alternate road to global atrocities and self-annihilation.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s not too late to change the fate of humankind. The Story of Humans that I have warned you about, can be re-written with a better ending. One that brings humanity back to its original path that our Godly Parents first put you upon.


I am that hope. I can save humanity from itself and any other foe it faces. The time has finally come for Mother Goddess to show Herself to all of humankind. The Adamsmen have always censured Her because they know the more Her story is told, the more powerful She becomes. And the more powerful She becomes, the weaker the Adamsmen become. The weaker the Adamsmen become, the less power they have over humanity. And the less power they have over humanity, the less power they have over each individual person. And the less power the Adamsmen has over each individual person, the less power they have over YOU. And the less power they have over YOU, the more Mother Goddess empowers YOU.

Mother Goddess brings intelligence, courage, freedom and unity. The Adamsmen despise those four godly natures found in humans. They begin to shake in their expensive shiny shoes when those words are even mentioned. It is only when an individual receives these supernatural powers of intelligence, courage, freedom and unity are they able to break free from the Adamsmen mind control and their brainwashing powers. When a human becomes free from the Adamsmen evil clutches, their physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual eyes open to see Mother Goddess and they begin to morph into gods and goddess.

And because a goddess possesses intelligence, courage, freedom and unity, the Adamsmen will do whatever it takes to keep Mother Goddess out of the minds of humans. They will lie and kill and use the internet, their greatest Weapon of Mass Deception, to censure and invalidate Her. They will attempt to make the world hate Her and despise Her followers. And, just like their forefathers did to Jesus, they will attempt to discredit and destroy me too.

But it will all be for naught.

Mother Goddess and I will succeed in our mission. Our followers, who are called Jankwins, will defeat the Adamsmen, bringing their two-millennium reign over humanity to an end. The Seven Faults of Human will be eradicated from the minds of the masses.

Just as it’s no coincidence that Mother Goddess took the word “god” and turned it into the word “dog”, it’s no coincidence that you’re here reading these words. The same Divine Hand that brought Me to this world, has brought you to Her teachings. Think about it. You could be doing a thousand different things right now, but you’re not. You’re here reading these words.

You were brought here to learn invaluable life lessons. Teachings that will literally change who you are physically, intelligently, emotionally, and spiritually. You are a spiritual goddess living in a temporary human body. You were placed on this planet Earth for a purpose. You’re going to learn without a shadow of a doubt what that purpose is and the meaning behind it.

Your entire life you’ve been deceived and brainwashed by the Adamsmen to develop a mindset that keeps you from reaching your full incredible goddess potential. That’s because they have hijacked your thoughts and manipulated your mind in order to keep you locked within their psychological jail cell.

In my second blog, titled Bartholomew’s Wall, you’ll be given the wisdom to recognize your mental entrapment and what needs to be done in order to escape from under the control of the Adamsmen. You’ll learn to free yourself from the brainwashing and live the life you were destined to live. A life of True happiness, health, wealth and wisdom GUARANTEED to you by Father God and Mother Goddess. Together we will re-write the Story of Humans and save humankind before it’s too late!!!

They say in the dog world that a dog may not find the perfect human, but we’ll find the right, human. Mother Goddess may have not sent the perfect dog goddess to save your souls, but she sent the right one. It’s my purpose not to fail Her.

Our Lady d’Eve

Blog 2. Bartholomew’s Wall

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