by Harry Sneed April 19, 2020

CORONALATIONS: A funny saying, advice or piece of wisdom that is shared, learned or experienced during the COVID19 quarantine of 2020.

During the Covid19 quarantine time of 2020 I saw this funny meme and loved the tagline “Coronalations”.

Growing up in the cult of organized Christian religion, I found the term “coronalations” to be incredibly funny. So I immediately went to see if anyone owned the url: No one did, so I bought the domain and began coming up with funny little sayings, pieces of advice and had friends and strangers send me their “Coronalations”. And it became another one of my hypercreative projects. If you have a funny “coronalation” that you’d like to share, send it to me via my contact page. And if I like it, I’ll create a coronalations with your name and post it here.

by Harry Sneed April 19 2020