The Hoosier Girl

Amazon Reviews:
“Absolute phenomenal read!”
“I couldn’t put it down!”

“A brilliantly written character that is an amalgam of every young man’s dream.” 

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From the mind of a man and told through the words of a radically religious, brainwashed boy, comes a captivating story about a tough, little, white-trash girl who’s determined NOT to change her naughty, self-destructive ways and to live the kind of life “that books and movies are made of”.  So far, she’s been successful at both. That is, until Christian Hayes roller-skates into her life. 

Amanda Marrow is an anomaly. She’s everything Christian has been trained to stay away from. She smokes, drinks, cusses like a sailor and loves sex. In a single logosist word, she’s a hoosier. White. Trash. But she’s also the hottest, most intelligent and nicest girl he’s ever met. A bibliophile, beauty queen that’s built a castle of books around her abusive past, secret pains and self-assured heart. And she’s not afraid to kick your ass or blacken your eye should you decide to compromise her castle.

So begins the adventures of two souls so incredibly different that are drawn to one another simply by the fact that they are so different. Each on a journey of life that leads them to discover that one’s weakness is the other’s strength. One’s lies is the other’s truth. And in the end, both prayers and promises can come true.

The Hoosier Girl is the first book of Harry Sneed’s trilogy, The Adventures of The Hoosier Girl and The Vagina Hunter. Set in the conservative, Midwestern town of Spanish Lake, Missouri in the 1980’s. In a time when teenage girls were as firm, strong and sexy as the layers of hairspray that held their big hair in place. And boys, well, they only had three things on their mind. Music. Cars. Sex. Not necessarily in that order. It was an era of MTV, Yuppies and Reaganomics. And for those who grew up in that decade, it was, in the lyrics of the song by Styx, “The Best of Times.”

Harry’s unique writing style, along with his wit and the wonderful way he gets into the minds of both reader and writer makes this extremely engaging, page-turning coming-of-age story, set in the age of the awesome 80s, like, for sure, a totally future best seller and fast-tracked to be made into a movie.