What is a Hypercreatist?

“You may be wondering. What exactly is a hypercreatist? Well, you won’t find the word in the dictionary because I created it.
-Harry Sneed

A hypercreatist is someone whose mind and hands are in a perpetual state of creativity. Their brain is constantly thinking of new ideas, concepts, and better ways to do things. While their hands are busy making, building, typing, clicking, brushing, strumming and a myriad of millions of other movements that keep them habitually productive.

There’s a difference between being creative, being hyper-creative and being a “hypercreatist”.

If you randomly surveyed a group of 100 people and offered up some sort of creativity test. Something simple, like making a monster out of 100 Lego pieces. Or taking a creative photograph that includes a favorite childhood memory. Chances are 50% or 50 people would be able to pass a simple creativity test and display mild levels of creativity. The other 50% would be clueless and perhaps even stressed and embarrassed of their lack of creativity. But that’s OK. We all possess our own unique gifts and talents. One may lack any sort of creativity but possess an abundance of other talents or positive personality traits. Diversity makes the world go around.

Now let’s corralled those 50 creative people and give them another test. One that required more creativity. Say, we give them a pencil and tell them to come up with a TV commercial for that pencil. Or perhaps, we put two individuals back to back and instruct them to become some type of human machine. The chances are a mere 10% or 5 people would have within their working brains the creative ability to produce something that made sense or was entertaining or practical. 

This small group of people would be labeled as hyper-creative. Their minds are used to looking at the world from a different angle. Their normal thought process frequently begins with the words, “What if…” or “How could I…”. While the normal and sane people of the world absorb external stimuli at face value and merely just process it. Hyper-creative people are on constant voyage to change, produce a new, or maybe just slightly alter the world around them. 

Don’t get stuck in the rut that hyper-creativity is another word for “extremely artistic”. There are some artists like painters, musicians and photographers that are super creative. But hyper-creativity can also be displayed in a wide variety of other ways like culinary skills, construction abilities and even crime.

In 2008 a bank robber in Monroe, Washington dressed in a blue shirt, yellow vest, safety goggles, and a respirator, robbed an armored truck of a large sum of money by spraying the driver in the face with pepper spray as he was carrying the money his from a Bank of America to his armored vehicle. The robber then fled on foot down the street and towards the Skykomish River. 

The police gave chase and immediately ran into a group of a dozen people standing together each wearing… you guessed it… a blue shirt, yellow vest, safety goggles and respirator. While the authorities were busy questioning them, the hyper-creative robber grabbed an inner-tube and floated away to freedom with the bag of money. 

Come to find out someone had placed a Craigslist ad looking for labors who wanted to make $28 an hour and then instructed them when and where to meet and what to wear. That’s why there were a gaggle of decoys standing on a corner when the police made the chase. The robber eventually got caught and imprisoned but when it comes to having a hyper-creative criminal mind, you have to give that bank robber the top prison cell bunk for his ingenuity.

So we’ve established that, on average, 50 out of 100 people possess some sort of creativity. And of those 50 creative people, 5 could be labels as “hyper-creative”. But what is a hypercreatist? Well, that’s where we separate the DaVinci’s from the poindexters . Out of those 5 hyper-creative people only 2.25 actually take their creativity from their brains and manifest it into the real world. They’re more than just the dreamers, they’re the doers. Thus, we add the suffix “ist” to “hypercreate”. Because we practice or use our creativity. We are hypercreatists. It’s the hypercreatists that set out to invent, impact and in many cases, change the world for the better.

For over fifty years I’ve used my hyper-creativeness to produce extraordinary experiences. It has taken me to incredible places and allowed me to meet lots of awesome people.

I created www.TheHyperCreatist.com as a place for where I can document my half of century of hypercreativity via my past projects and ideas and showcase my future inventions and world changing concepts. That’s right. I said world changing concepts.

You see, the blueprints of history have always been designed by the hypercreatists. We’ve been the innovators of technology, the discoverers of medical marvels and the engineers of the impossible. We are the ones that change the courses of history.

In 1869 just after the United States transcontinental railroad was completed, it took about a week or 168 hours to travel the nearly 2,000 miles from New York to San Francisco. (Which was unfathomable to older generations that had to make the trip via horse and stagecoach in 3-4 months!) Because of the brilliant minds of hypercreatists, today you can make the same journey in less than 6 hours. But even more mentally staggering is the fact that over the next century, almost to the month—from May of 1869 when the golden spike was laid that joined the transcontinental railroad, to July 1969 when Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin boarded the Apollo 11 spaceship—man was to travel 240,000 miles to get to the moon in 103 hours.

It’s the minds of hypercreatists that have taken us from traveling by horseback to traveling to the moon in less than one century. But you’re going to see in the next century we hypercreatists are going to, not revolutionize humanity, but evolutionize humanity. We’re going to learn to use the full potential of our brains and by doing so create what could only be described as “miracles” by past generations. We’ll develop interplanetary tourist travel, anti-gravity transportation and even time travel. Abilities like mental telepathy, telekinesis and molecular manipulation are going to be the norm of our future generations. Just as instant global communication is the norm of today. And yes, within the next decade we hypercreatists will have created a cure for cancer and other horrific diseases. It’s an exciting time to be alive and www.TheHyperCreatist.com is the best place to witness, share and connect with other hypercreatists that are actively working to change the world for the better. 

Are you a hypercreatist? Discover the “The Top 11 Traits of a Hypercreatist”. 

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Thanks for giving me minutes of your precious time, I truly appreciate it.


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