Index of My Past Creative Projects

This is where you’ll find a list of all the creative projects I’ve done over the course of my life. Scroll down the page and check out the magick and diversity of my mind. Some of them are still active, some have gone defunked and some are merely sleeping until I (or another motivated Hypercreatist) wakes it back up.

Current Project: “The Readys” Book and network

Current Project: “The Hoosier Girl” Book
In 2016 I began writing a novel about a 18 year old boy raised by radically religious parents who meets and falls in love with a 16 year old girl, who is everything he’s taught to stay away from.

The Hyper Creatist

Current Project: Harry The Handyman
Since 2003 I’ve been earning a living as a full-time handyman. The diversity of projects, from simple repairs to complex kitchen and bath designs that my business partner, Doug, and I take on each day gives me the opportunity to stretch my skills and appease my ADD personality. One day I’m painting, the next day I’m laying a ceramic floor or perhaps installing new lighting. It is a fulfilling occupation of helping hundreds of customers resolve their repair and remodeling issues and putting my hyper-creative hands to productive use at the same time. Not to mention, I get to meet a lot of wonderful people and see a wide diversity of homes. My website shows some of our work but hasn’t been updated in years…It’s on the to-do list:)

Current Project: Photo artist
I like to describe myself not as a photographer, but as a photo artist. For the past several years I’ve taken my gypsy camera across the city and country trying to capture unique creative snapshots of life. From street photography, professional portraits to fine art photography, I like to do it all. You can check out some of my portfolio at www.HarrySneed.Photography

Past Creative Project #1
Jerry Lewis MDA Kid’s Back Yard Carnival

Discovering my hyper-creativity as a kid while creating and organizing the activities for the classic Jerry Lewis’ MDA Kid’s Back Yard Carnivals. Anyone who grew up in the 1970’s can remember either having or going to one of these!

Past Creative Project #2
The Re-Mark-able Twain
Created a one man Mark Twain impersonation act and called it The Re-Mark-able Twain Show. Performed at corporate events across the country. In addition, got to throw the first pitch out at a Cardinal’s baseball game and got interviewed by Sport Announcer icon Jack Buck.

Past Creative Project #3
Literary Harry’s Gift and Decor Store
In 2015, I created a gift and home decor store that carried everything literature themed. It was located on Main St in the historic district of Old Town St. Charles, MO

Past Creative Project #4
In 2010 I created, choreographed and directed St. Louis’ biggest and best flashmob called STLFlashmob. We entertained thousands of people all over St. Louis at public events, weddings, and on TV.

Past Creative Project #5
Live Art
Between 2005-2010 I created several live art characters and perfomed them at several public events. Live art is were you stand still like a statue. Some call it frozen art.



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