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Literary Harry’s Store

Once upon a time…

There was a really cool, eclectic store in the heart of the historic district of St. Charles, MO called “Literary Harry’s” It wasn’t a used book store, but rather the retail hub of everything else literature. From Anne of Green Gable earrings to vintage typewriters, Edgar Allan Poe bobble heads and Harry Potter posters, it was a bookworm, word nerd paradise. It even had checkout counter made entirely out of hardback books. People came from all over the world to walk around this creatively cool establishment and be amazed at the gifts, home decor and more, all with a literary theme. You can read the detailed story at Literary Harry’s.

Sadly, the proprietor, Harry Sneed, was unable to financially sustain the costs of rent, payroll, inventory and all the other costs it takes to run a brick and mortar business so he had to shutter it’s doors.

However, over the course of the five years since it’s demise, Harry, hasn’t be dormant in the world of literature. He’s been busy writing his own novel, The. Hoosier. Girl. which you can read about here and purchase below.

And if the gods of good prose and even greater book sales look down upon him with profitable delight, he might even rebirth an online version of Literary Harry’s right here that one day may once again manifest into a new brick and mortar store on Main St.

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