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About Harry Sneed

I’m just a simple, overly personable, middle-aged man who has a passion for writing and a voracious appetite for the magick of creating. I’m an author, photographer, artist, actor, poet, dancer, builder and interior designer. I’ve just released my debut novel, The. Hoosier. Girl. It’s the first of three books in my trilogy called “The Adventures of The Hoosier Girl and The Vagina Hunter.” There’s also a plethora of other prose in my computer (and head) that I’ll be publishing which includes a book that I believe will literally change the world of literature as we know it, as well as changing the world. I’ll also be putting out self-help, poetry, children’s books, Young Adult, an autobiography, movie scripts and I’m sure all kinds of other great things to read. I’m a hypercreatist, I do things like that. If you want to be informed about what I’m working on, please join my Readers Fan Page.

I live in the midwest in an incredible cool historic district of St. Charles, Missouri. Think cobble stone streets, quaint shops, fabulous restaurants and too many coffee houses. My apartment is the second floor of a 100+ year old house that I’ve filled with eclectic decor, an apothecary and photo studio. Two retail shops sit below me on the first floor.

I have a beautiful fiance, Melinda, who I love completely. I’m the father of two beautiful and intelligent adult children. A daughter and a son. I’m also the father of a four-legged, furry son, name Baron. He’s an English Setter Pit mix rescue that is awesome and the whose character is the bases in my blog The Imperfect Dog god. That’s his colorful picture on the cover.

For almost twenty years, I’ve ran a successful home improvement company called Harry The Handyman. My business partner, Doug, and I have created more than a hundred kitchens, baths and basements. As well as repaired and remodeled everything from the attic to the basement. I can pretty much tear down a house and rebuild it. But I’m getting too old for all that laborious work, so I’m working toward earning a living through my books, photography, blogs, vlogs and ShowMeNature.net.

I get up at 5 am every morning and write until 7 am. In the evenings I exercise, write, research, read, watch documentaries and shows on gardening. I’m ALWAYS in bed by 9 p.m. On the weekends I like to go to farmer’s markets, garage sales, thrift store shopping, biking and do photo sessions. I enjoy balcony gardening, learninga bout herbalism and nature. I’m LOVE Halloween and collect vintage children’s Halloween books and have a huge collection of over 500. 

As a child of two alcoholic parents who was raised in a very dysfunctional environment, I’ve been through some incredible trying times in my life. From physical, mental, emotional and sexual childhood abuse to the deaths and incarcerations of loved ones, divorces, numerous business and relationship failures and foreclosures. You might say, I’ve been to hell and back. 

And yet, even through all the massive misery in my life, I have never suffered depression or anxiety. I’ve never taken any kind of prescriptive medicine for anything other than your normal anti-biotics for colds, infections and such. I’ve never used any type of recreational drug. Nor have I ever drank alcohol or been drunk. I’ve managed to keep a level head, positive attitude and a questionable sense of normality. (As normal as a hypercreatist can be:) All in all, I’ve lived a healthy, productive, fun and amazing sixty years of life. Full of little bursts of fame, adventure, travel, creativity, lot’s of friendships and fabulous memories. You can find some of those here: Seven Cool Tid-bits About Harry Sneed

How did I do it? Well, that’s my latest blog called The Imperfect Dog god it’s all about the secrets and simplicity of experiencing true Happiness, Health, Wealth and Wisdom. Thanks for stopping in and giving me your precious time!

May 29, 2023

One of my writing passions is poetry. I wrote this poem several years ago and it pretty much sums up my life. I hope others find wisdom and strength in it’s words. Please give me credit (www.HarrySneed.me) if you feel you want to share this in a non-commercial way, i.e. social media posts.

I Can Bench Press the World
By Harry Sneed

if what doesn’t kill you
only makes you stronger
then I can bench press the world
my strength knows no bounds
though my body may appear frail
inside I am built like a god
from the destruction of dreams
the tragedies of wars with
friends, family and enemies
dysfunction runs through my veins  
and feeds my mental muscles
addiction is my personal trainer

I have lived a life on a diet
of grief, drama and trauma
the free weights that i use
are not free but were paid by
mental, physical and sexual abuse

now I hold the title of 
world’s strongest person and
as I carry the world upon my shoulders
i am weak but I will never break
battle worn but never, ever beaten
sometimes scared but always fearless
i am mightier than the me you see
and each day I will exercise those beliefs