My Funny Memes

One of the 11 Top Traits of a Hypercreatist is our entertaining and unique sense of humor. This page is the gallery for my original funny memes that I personally think up and create. A meme is a picture with a caption that pokes fun of something or someone. I try to use my original photographs as much as possible but in some cases I have to find them on the web. I always try to give credit to the owner when possible. If you follow my instagram account you’ll get first access to all of them. Enjoy!

My Funny Meme #1 March 24, 2020 My hair was getting long because all the hair salons are closed. I saw others posting funny pics with crazy hair cuts or hair cuts that look like dog styles. So I thought I’d find a pic of cousin it from the Addam’s Family and make a funny meme about it. When I saw this, it was perfect. It fit both males and females. -Harry
My Funny Meme #2 April 6, 2020 Everyone is complaining about the cost and scarcity of toilet paper. So I took a package put it on our toilet and took a photo of it. Then added this caption suggesting that things are only going to get worse. It’s a dark humorous meme to promote my other creative project -Harry
My Funny Meme #3 April 7, 2020 I was on my way to the grocery store and when I pulled into the shopping plaza I saw this gym called “Anytime Fitness” There’s absolutely no one there because it’s under the non-essential business closure. I thought how ironic that no one was working out at “Anytime Fitness” So I took a picture of it and photoshopped it to say “At No Time Fitness”. Meaning, until our quarantine is over you won’t be able to workout “At No Time Fitness” -Harry
My Funny Meme #4 April 10 2020 I was talking to my business partner about how I had a headache and he jokingly said, “Coronavirus!” So I went and looked up the symptoms and as I was reading them I thought, “Hell, I’ve felt like that off and on for the past five years.” I also noticed that they’re the same feelings I have when I leave the gym. So I created this meme.-Harry
My Funny Meme #5 April 11, 2020 This is combination of two Facebook posts I read. One was about how this person didn’t feel so stressed out and scared of this coronavirus/quarantine that was going on. Her therapist said it was because she was raised in a crazy F*&Ked up family. I thought to myself, “I have the exact feelings and same upbringing.” My childhood struggle through dysfunction, abuse, addictions and all the other F*&k up things, only made me a better, stronger person who was able to cope with more BS. Then I saw this picture on another friends page saying something about God’s plan for our life/The way we see it. So I borrowed the picture from Pinterest and made my own captions. -Harry
April 20, 2020 Saw the lower picture on a Friends Facebook page and it said “After the quarantine”. Thought is was funny so I found a before picture and created this.