The Bestest Nation

by author Harry Sneed April 5, 2020

Over the last century America has earn the title of Super-power. Through the courage of our soldiers, the wisdom of our leaders and the resolve of our citizens we have galloped like white knights upon shiny tanks, state-of-the-art airplanes and beautiful battle ships into world wars and have saved many nations and millions of people from the devastating stranglehold of tyrants, mass murders and destructive ideologies.

During that same period, we’ve come to the aid of numerous countries with money, medicine and every other kind of support we could muster from our leaders, industries and citizens as hurricanes, earthquakes, and other cataclysmic events have ravaged the lands and lives of billions of humans across the face of the earth.

Yes, we have made mistakes too. Our leaders have lied to and manipulated their own citizens to fulfil their own greedy and vain agendas and not the will of the people. We have perpetuated prejudices and not given all Americans the same rights. We have even bullied and arrogantly flexed our super-power arms to get what we wanted. We are not a perfect nation. 

But we are still #thebestestnation in the world. 

Through good times and bad times, war times and peace times, America has remained a nation that is truly a super-power. We’ve earned the respect of other nation’s political and military leaders. As a nation of diverse citizens, our compassion and courage, along with our pursuit of capitalism, has made Americans the envy of the world. Everyone wants to come to America. Experience America. Be like America. Well, almost everyone.

You see during the course of our rise to super-power and our ascension to #thebestestnation in the world, we’ve defeated many enemies. We made a lot of people extremely angry. Our personal, religious and civil freedoms and fairness have stoked the embers of hatred, disdain and jealousy within our foes. Some of these feelings date back many decades, while others are new and grow daily. No matter how long we’ve been hated, the fact is, our enemies have been plotting and planning our destruction. They been patiently waiting for a perfect opportunity to cripple and bring this great nation to its knees. Or perhaps, dare I say, overtake #thebestestnation in the world?

Through pride, they said the Titanic would never sink. It sank. Through arrogance, they said the stock market would never crash. It crashed. Through ignorance, they said Hitler would never raise to power. He rose to power.

To think that America could never fall to its knees or be taken over by another country is a notion that is fraught with pride, arrogance and ignorance.

Over the course of the last several decades we’ve seen unimaginable acts of terrorism that has shocked Americans and has caused us to stand at attention. We are currently on an unprecedented nation-wide stay-at-home lock down. 

Divide et impera (Latin), or divide and conquer

From before Julius Caesar to Napoleon and beyond, every military leader throughout history has used this tactic as a means to defeat their enemy. By causing discontentment within enemy ranks, confusion among its citizens and distrust of its leaders and allies, nations have conquered and destroyed other nations. There’s inequivalent proof of the truth: United we stand, divided we fall. 

America has been lucky so far, so to say. Our history of division has resulted in the civil war and civil riots. But as deadly and detrimental as they were, we have remained steadfast and strong as #thebestestnation in the world.

But times are changing. Our younger generations are not learning the lessons of history through books, classes and personal experiences as the older generations used to learn them. The young are too busy gaming, surfing the internet and playing Pokemon-Go. Grandparents who lived through the devastating world wars have died and no longer tell first-hand tales of its atrocities and horrors. And in foreign countries, the young forget how brave America soldiers once travel far from the safe shores of their homeland to defend, rescue and saved their grandparents and great grandparents. 

George Santayana, the Italian philosopher, essayist, poet and novelist once wrote:

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

In other words, if we, as #thebestestnation in the world, don’t remember the past mistakes and wisdom of our predecessors we are surely to have it happen all over again. 

Divide et impera, or divide and conquer

To every American, young or old. Republican or Democrat. Male or Female. Rich or poor. Black or white. Christian or Muslim. Each time you ridicule our president with Facebook posts, you tear the strong and binding fabric of American unity. When you belittle our elected leaders. It doesn’t matter what party they are. You loosen the links and put a chink in the armor that protects our democracy. When you refuse to respect the flag or stand up for the National Anthem, you not only slap every American soldier and veteran in the face who has fought and died to make this country #thebestestnation on earth, but you crack open the door of doubt that leads to the enemy’s mind that makes them smile and sit back and think, “Divide et impera!  Divide and Conquer! It’s only a matter of time before America is divided enough to fall.”

We are standing on the cusp of historic times that will be the subjects of future movies and books. “2020 The year the pandemic shut down the world and made us all stay inside.” We are currently fighting a war against a virus that will kill a small percent of humanity. It is truly a scary and harrowing time to be alive. But what will tomorrow’s headlines read? What will the history books say about 2021? Don’t be so prideful, arrogant and ignorant to think they couldn’t read “100% of American’s affected by the disease called The Great Economic Collapse.” Or “America’s Economy Collapses Causing Mass Chaos.” Or “China/Russia/??? uses America’s Chaos to the launch World War III”. And because we’re becoming a divided nation, some will stand up and fight. But other’s will not because they believe it was all brought about by the “other” political party and thus, not their problem. Or they believe it’s an unfair, unjust and racially motivated war and not support it. Divide and conquer.

It doesn’t help that our elected leaders continue to war amongst themselves too. Which trickles down to its citizenry. Through the division of our two political parties, Republican and Democrat, we continue to divide. And the more we divide, the stronger the enemy becomes. Until one day, when we don’t expect it because we’re all warring amongst ourselves, like the terroristic acts of September 11, something shocking and unfathomable will happen and we wake up no longer free American Republicans or Democrats but subjects of a conquering nation or ideology. We will shake our heads in shame and disbelief and say to ourselves, “How did this ever happen?”.

Don’t be so prideful, arrogant and ignorant to think this couldn’t happen to the great United States of America. Unfortunately, because we’re slowly becoming the Divided States of America this is exactly how it could happen.

Fortunately, as of today, April 5, 2020, we are still #thebestestnation in the world. We are still a Super-Power. A 328 million strong nation of people who are free (even within the confines of our own homes) to pursue our dreams, hire and fire our leaders, and seek our own definitions of happiness. 

2021 is still a clean white sheet in the pages of history. Let’s use this historic time of social distancing, not as a time to bash and blame our politicians. Not as a time to relax and sit on our rear-ends and think life will return back to normal shortly. Because it’s not going to. Let’s use this time to re-unite our country and solidify our resolve as one nation, under God and indivisible. 

Stop all the political bantering on social media. Quit sharing fake news and other lies and manipulations that are meant to shock and scare the readers/viewers. Fear births chaos. Chaos ignites division. Division assures failure. Quit hating, accusing and attacking the same Americans who aren’t of the same sex, race, political party or sexual preference as yourself. It serves NO purpose but to encourage our greater enemies, those who would like to see the fall and destruction of the United States of America, to strategically maneuver their forces within the confines of Facebook and other social medias.  

But most importantly, let’s have the positive mindset that even through these hard times, we will prevail as #thebestestnation in the world. And this can only be accomplished by preparing ourselves for the worst. Remember, those who don’t remember and learn from the past are bound to repeat it. We’ve seen how in the past pride, arrogance and ignorance has led to horrendous bookmarks in the pages of history. Today, let’s use our humility, honor and intelligence to use our social distancing time as a time to prepare ourselves physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually for potential worse things to come. My blog, has10 truly productive ways to achieve this. And my is a network design to bring together those who want to be more self-sufficient and emergency prepared. Please read them, join them and share them with others.

Remember, the heroes of tomorrow aren’t going to be great political and military leaders. They’re going to be people just like YOU. 

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With humility and appreciation,


Harry Sneed III

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