The Imperfect Dog goddess

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”
 John 3:16 KJV

Two thousand years ago Father God sent his Perfect Son, Jesus Christ, on a Divine Mission to save the souls of humanity and usher in a new Earthly kingdom filled with perfect peace, prosperity, happiness and harmony. 

It’s been one hell of a struggle ever since. Mankind refuses to evolve into the gods and goddess (spelled with a lower case “g”) they were created to become. Greed, war, oppression, disease and poverty are just as common today as they were when Jesus started his spiritual crusade over two millennium ago. The time has come to send in a little godly assistance to help save humanity and put them back on course to eternal salvation.

But this time, since Jesus was the only begotten Son, the task falls upon another Child of the Gods, Lady d’Eve, She’s the younger sister of Jesus. But, unlike Jesus who was the perfect Son of God, she’s anything but perfect. She’s young, opinionated, and the Daughter of Father God and His estranged wife, Mother Goddess. For two millenniums the existence of Lady d’Eve and Mother Goddess have been purposely hidden from the minds of mankind by a small group of incredibly rich, powerful, and evil men called the Adamsmen. They make Satan and his demons look like amateur thugs. While in their earthly absence, Mother Goddess and Lady d’Eve have been struggling in their silence, impatiently watching the human race spiral down the toilet tank to self-destruction and possible total extinction.

So, before the second coming of Christ, they’ve devised their own Divine Mission. Mother Goddess will secretly send Lady d’Eve to earth to help her Brother. In order to disguise her presence on earth, she’s coming, not in the human form of a man or woman, but in the body of man’s best friend. A female, Pit Bull, English Setter mix rescue. Together, with the help of Mother Goddess and her human mother, Eve Daughtry, this feminine Trinity is going to do what no male human or male god has ever done, they’re going to defeat Jesus’ greatest enemy, eradicate the Faults of Humanity, and save humanity from extinction.

But this time it’s not going to be through holy books or organized religion, but through a little unknown blog titled The Imperfected Dog goddess. What begins as humorous short stories written for her friends, soon becomes the most followed and influential blog in the history of the internet. It’s original content and superhuman wisdom begins to transform the lives of all who read it. Miracles, just as Jesus performed, begin to take place all over the planet. Humanity is finally evolving into the gods and goddesses Father God and Mother Goddess made them to become. The past failed organized religions are replaced with a global New Way of Life called the Hands of Jankwin.

But is it too late? Will mankind lose their souls and fail the judgement place upon them at Christ’s return? Only you can answer that question. Because the more you read The Imperfect Dog goddess the more you morph into a god and goddess until you become an actual character in this Greatest Story Never Told.

So, which do you chose?

The unworthy miserable life of a mortal human?


The worthy powerful life of an immortal god or goddess?

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