The world is going through some tough times and they’re NOT going to get any better soon.
Are you READY?

In order to survive in the future, you must learn to live as we did in the past.” 
D.C. Hauk
Director of

How far down the toilet of degeneration does America have to sink before someone steps in and with, cohesion, courage and genius creativity pulls it out of the shithole it’s spinning in?
  Just about this far down.
But it’s not going to be an elected political leader that comes to the rescue of our great nation. It won’t be a corporate CEO that saves this country either. And it sure in the hell isn’t going to be a religious leader that liberates America from this evil. 
Enter D.C. Hauk.

One very uncommon, common man. “The Readys” is the story of his mission to save America from the brink of collapse. Its initial plot is pulled from today’s headlines. Vaccinations. Voter IDs. Global warming. 

Its future plot will become the headlines of tomorrow. 

In the midst of a world-wide, planned-demic, America’s political and corporate leaders are making decisions, policies and laws that are just so anti-democratic. So morally deprived and so unbelievably asinine, that there’s only one logical conclusion. Someone or something has hijacked the minds, bodies and perhaps the souls of our political leaders and they are using them to manifest their evil agenda. Bring the greatest nation on Earth to its cowering knees. Destroy it. Damn it. Dominate it. 

D.C. Hauk is not going to let that happen. 

Gifted with the power of prophecy or what he calls “forecollections”, D.C. has already proved to himself and the rest of the world that he has the supernatural knowledge and insight to unite people and save lives. Armed with his forecollections and his network of volunteer heroes called TheReadys, he’s already rescued the small town of White Birch, Indiana from a F-4 tornado that he predicted would hit a year before it happened.  

One would think this miracle alone would have made him an internationally famous celebrity. However, the social powers-to-be has censured him. The liberal news has branded his incredible charm, charisma and communication skills—“that of the Anti-Christ.” The government is watching him. 

But to others, the majority of American citizens, he is the answer to their prayers. Truthful. Brave. Brash.

But is he a savoir or The Savior?

From his troubled past, to his politically incorrect present, he puts forth in blogs and videos amazing answers to the world’s problems, insights that can only be defined as creatively genius and inspirational wisdom that changes the lives of those who join his TheReadys network. D.C. Hauk is bound to become legendary. His forecollections are destined to change the world. And both he and his book are fated by the Hands of Providence to be The Salvation of our Nation.  

In his debut novel, The. Hoosier. Girl. author Harry Sneed has shown the literary world a uniqueness in dialog and plot. His talent for engaging storytelling and creating captivating characters has earned him rave reviews on Amazon. Now it’s time for Harry to use those same skills to shake up the reading world with a new genre of literature called Faction. It’s where fact is birthed from the pages of fiction. 

The Readys“, isn’t just an entertaining novel. It’s a blueprint and manual that teaches one how to be self-sufficient and emergency prepare. It reveals long hidden secrets of society and incredible new mindsets. But most importantly, it enlightens and guides its reader on a real-time journey. And when the wisdom within its pages is applied to one’s daily life, it changes their world and the universe around them for the better. For those opened-minded and fearless few who grasp its super-natural powers and act upon them, it will lead them to alternate universe filled with true happiness, health, wealth and wisdom. It will become their Savior. Guaranteed.

Harry Sneed’s new novel, “The Readys” is like no other book in the world. It’s the first of its kind in a brand-new genre of literature created by the author called FACTION. Where fiction from the pages of a book manifests itself into the factual realm of reality. “The Readys” is part fantasy, part sci-fi. Part self-help and part prophecy. It’s also a guide for Self-Sufficiency and Emergency Preparedness People (SSEPPers). If that’s not enough to draw you into the hypercreative mind of Harry Sneed and his story-telling talent, then accept a free reading of the first chapter of “The Readys“” below. If you’re not totally hooked after the first 4,000 words, then you have nothing to lose but the time it took you to read it. 

However, if you’re captivated, intrigued or just want to follow what’s going to happen next in the life of D.C. Hauk, then keep reading in a style that Harry is championing called Pay-Per-Chapter Publishing. No longer does the reader have to pay full price for a book, only to find that they didn’t like it. With Pay-Per-Chapter Publishing you buy one chapter at a time for a small fee directly from the publisher or in many cases from the authors themselves. Think of it like purchasing a single song from your favorite music app. You no longer have to purchase the entire album, only to like two songs on the entire record. In Pay-Per-Chapter Publishing, if you find that you don’t like the book after a couple of chapters, then you don’t buy anymore. It’s that simple. 

But what makes Harry Sneed’s “The Readys” so life-altering and history-making, is that it’s a portal to a network of amazing people who are working in real-time to take the words from the pages of “TheReadys”  and manifesting them into a plan of action designed to truly be The Salvation of our Nation

Goddess Bless America!

-D.C. Hauk

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