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This is a story about a story. A story that became a book. And in the process of creating that book a blog was birthed. This blog may also one day become a book. But for now, we’ll focus our attention on the first story, a book called “The Hoosier Girl”. That is why you are here. Like me, you are a lover of words. Be it to consume them in the form of reading or to produce them in the role of a writer. Both of which, make you a mark for one who loves a good story. 

And that is where this blog begins. It’s the story of my adventure of writing, self-publishing and marketing my first book, “The Hoosier Girl”. It’s a chronical of the lessons I’ve learned. The mistakes and mishaps made by a debut author. But it’s also an accurate account of my steps to my success. Its purpose, like that of any good story, is to entertain, educate or enlighten its reader. With an emphasis on educate.

TheWriters.Life is the true tale told in weekly blogs, vlogs and photos of how one middle-aged, Hypercreatist set out on a journey to take his story from a mere idea in his head, to a well-manicured manuscript and then bound it into a book that he self-published and put out into the world. It is my hope that “The Hoosier Girl” will one day become a best-seller. Or perhaps allow me to quit my day job and pursue my passion of wordsmithing and helping other’s who also want to find financial independence in writing words.

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Harry Sneed

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