The Readys Book

In order to survive in the future, we must learn to live as we did in the past.” 
D.C. Hauk 
Director of


Birds on a Wire.

“In order to survive in the future, you must learn to live as we did in the past.” D.C. paused and let the words sink into the minds of his viewers. Verbal pauses were the attention-getters. He had learned that lesson the hard way in prison. Now, the attention of every American was what he needed more than anything. “And when I say ‘the past’, I don’t mean as in the time of our parents or grandparents.” Another dramatic pause. 

“In order for America to even exist, let alone remain as the greatest country in the world, it is absolutely imperative that every man, woman and child—whatever their age, race, sex, religion or political party—learns how to live like our great, great, grandparents did before the industrial revolution. Before the inventions of electricity and automobiles.”

The camera panned back and showed that D.C. was standing in the middle of a vegetable garden. It was summer. Behind him were tall tomato plants with brightly red-ripened, cherry tomatoes nestled in bunches. Just off in the distance, were the larger Beefsteak varieties . He began to walk through the garden touching the cucumber plants and the pea pods as he continued to talk. When he got next to a row of carrots with their orange flesh bursting from beneath the earth, he knelt down.

“We need to master the forgotten arts of our ancestors. Blacksmithing. Building crafts. Textile and woodworking skills. Paper and printing. Especially livestock raising and home gardening.” He pulled a large carrot from the ground and smile as he shook the dirt off it.

Across the world, nearly one hundred thousand people sat watching Donald Currier Hauk or as most called him, D.C. Hauk, the director of TheReadys, live-stream to his members his most important message to date. Not a very large viewership compared to the possibilities. But there was a reason and purpose for that. For the past six months, ever since he first announced on his blog that he would reveal another forecollection that would impact the world dramatically, TheReadys nation had been abuzz with suspicions and speculations. Emotions heightened when they read these paragraphs:

…I will send an email out to every Readys merely minutes before I go live. This email will contain a link that will take you to the live stream. It is of the utmost importance that you broadcast the Truth by video recording my message and then immediately share YOUR video on every social network. Email it to your friends, family and co-workers. EVERY American needs to watch this video and hear my message. 

As you all are well aware, I have no social network platforms to speak from. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube have all shut me down because I continue to call the planned-demic by it’s truthful name, The China Virus. That is why you must flood copies of your video all over the the Big Four. The enemy is doing everything they can to censure me. I had forecollected that months before it happened. 

But when Fate closes one window, Destiny opens another door. Shutting down my social networks was the best thing that could have happened. Our membership is growing by the thousands weekly. TheReadys is gaining the respect and attention we deserve. We are no longer the radical little group of White Birch preppers. We are becoming exactly what we need to become. A nation within a nation.

The Woke crowd are slowly awakening to the fact they’re being brainwashed. The Liberals are abandoning their sinking Left ships and climbing aboard the Right boats whose canvass sails are made from Old Glory. 

All across America, a spark of old-time patriotism is being ignited. The loud-mouthed minority voice is finally being drowned out by the music of the majority who sing these five stanzas of democracy: 

1. We the people…are the EMPLOYERS of our elected leaders and they are our EMPLOYEES. Therefore, they must do what WE say and NOT what they WANT. And as their employers we insist they set term limits for their own length of employment for each senator, congressperson and Supreme Court judge.

2. . We the people…will absolutely NOT continue to let our elected leaders continue to lead this country to economic suicide with unchecked budgets and imaginary spending monies. Alternative strategies must be implemented immediately. 

3.  We the people…will absolutely NOT tolerate violent and destructive civil unrest, nor criminal activity, or the defunding of police. There must be an overhaul our judicial system with swift and severe punishments for those who break the law and an all-out purge of the epidemic of greedy and dishonest attorneys that have hi-jacked our court systems and turned it into a farce of fairness and justice.  

4. We the people…will absolutely NOT allow anyone to vote without a valid photo ID proving they are an American citizen. Voting in our democratic society is not a fundamental freedom, but an earned privilege of birth or LEGAL processes. Therefore, all voters must show a voters identification card.

5. We the people…will absolutely NOT let our right to bear arms be manipulated or removed. It was the desire and forecollected foresight of our forefathers, secured in our Second Amendment, to own and bare firearms. And with these firearms we will defend our homes from thieves and criminals. Our liberties and freedoms from tyrannical governments and our country from hostile enemies.

Should our employees fail to hear our song and refuse to implement our desires, they will be fired on a one on one, individual, basis with our democratic vote our next election. We will continue to hire and fire our elected employees until we secure a staff of national representatives whose purpose is to represent ALL the people and put our needs, our safety and our concerns as their first occupational priority…

“Life, as we know it today, will become a mere fantasy of what it once was.” D.C. gestured to the unseen, out of the camera, view of the garden in front of him. “Visually inhale the world around you and relish it, folks. Appreciate the fact that you can piss in a toilet and flush it and it disappears…somewhere. Enjoy the pleasure knowing that you can drive your air-conditioned or heated car to a grocery store. You can then walk into that store and spend as much time as you’d like deciding which of the 150 choices of cereals you’d like to have for breakfast this week. One day there will be no running cars. No stores stock with food. Your only choice for breakfast will be that which you have bartered, raised, hunted…” He held the carrot up to the camera. “…or grown. Just like that.” D.C. snapped his fingers. “It will all just disappear. Like a thief in the night, our enemy will snatch away our happiness. Our freedoms. Our democracy.”  

The camera zoomed in on D.C.’s face. The audience of Readys looked into the pensive eyes of their director. For some, he was a savior who had literally saved their lives. For others, he was an enigma of a man whose words, actions and energies mysteriously drew them into TheReadys. But all understood they were watching a man who possessed rare qualities that were becoming extent in our  society, especially within our leaders. Super-natural characteristics. Courage. Truth. Selflessness. 

“It is my purpose in life, my reason for living, that I prevent this from happening. For the past several years, I have been doing everything in my power, with every resource I can get, and person I meet, to spread the gospel of the great necessity of TheReadys. However, when one’s own will-power and determination comes crashing head-on into Fate and Destiny, the latter will always win, because the Divine Hand of Providence always gets Her way. Always.”

 D.C. picked up a neatly bound manuscript of white pages sitting on a potting bench and held it up to the camera. On the cover was TheReadys logo. Below it, written in red, white and blue where the words:

The Salvation Of Our Nation

“Nostradamus had his prophetic quatrains. Martin Luther King Jr. had his dreams. I have my forecollections. I hold in my hands, not the definitive fate of America’s future, but rather, the horrific possibilities and the preventative measures should the Divine Hand of Providence allow those atrocities to happen. I have forecollected it all and written it down in this manuscript.” D.C. fanned the pages with his thumb. “Within these pages are the strategies to survive the worst case scenarios and the ability to sustain life on both an individual and national level. But most importantly…” He added one more dramatic pause. This one lasted so long that those who sat spellbound by his words began to think maybe he had forgotten what he was supposed to say. But he hadn’t. He knew exactly what he needed to verbalize and the pause was put there for them to take heed. Those whose own life’s ambition was to stop everything that he had forecollected. “I have developed a blue print for the re-construction of America. This..,” He held the manuscript up, as the camera moved in closer, until only the words, The Salvation Of Our Nation, filled the screen. “…is truly, the salvation of our nation.” 

“A PDF of this manuscript will be sent out to every registered Readys member immediately following this live-stream. Or you can simply go to www dot, the salvation of our nation dot com and download one yourself. I can not stress how important it is to read it, learn it and implement what it has to say. Don’t wait for your next paycheck or your next day off. Do it today. Do it now. Time is of the critical essence.” D.C. continued to walk through the garden.  

“You know, as SSEPer and preppers we like to use the phrase, when the “Shit Hits The Fan”, or SHTF. In TheReadys world we used the term WCS or “Worst Case Scenario”. But I’m officially removing those phrases from my vocabulary and replacing them with something more positive and powerful. I’m calling it “Our Finest Hour.” Because that’s exactly what it’s going to be. Our. Finest. Hour. 

“When tragedies, trauma, atrocities and calamities happen and Our Finest Hour begins, it will not be the preppers with the most ammo who bugged out to be alone in the remote wilderness who survive. The enemy will pick them off like birds on a wire. It will be SSEPers and preppers in the populated cities who have already gathered in one movement and mindset. Together, as a nation within a nation, we will rally together to unite, fight and re-light the Fire of Patriotism. Our skills and training will allow us to feed our friends and fend off our foes. Under the banner of TheReadys, we, will be the salvation of our nation.” D.C. stopped next to a small barn. Painted on it’s side were two flags side by side. On the left was the American flag. On the right was TheReadys flag: a red, small-case e in a square of white.

 “We all know what happened at White Birch when I forecollected a devastating tornado a year before it hit and created TheReadys. Through will-power and the determination of thousands of volunteers, along with hours of training and preparing, we proved that, while Mother Nature will always win the battle of physical destruction of property and persons, we can still win the war of saving lives. We can triumph over chaos and confusion to claim victory and move forward to rebuild. White Birch was divine proof that what I forecollected worked on a micro-scale of one small city in the middle of the country. This, “ He held the manuscript up. “Will one day become proof that my forecollections found here, will be The Salvation of Our Nation.”

“I am warning every American citizen that we are standing on the cusp of our country’s collapse. Yes, America has suffered it’s trials and tribulations in the past. We’ve been through wars, depressions, recessions and pandemics. We’ve always prevailed. But that was a different time. A different mindset. We were generations raised watching Superman who fought for truth, justice and the American way. Our elected leaders upheld the belief that America was one Nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. It was instilled into our brains since childhood and we pledged it with our mouths every morning in our classrooms.” 

“But a sinister force has infiltrated our elected leaders. An evil entity has possessed the minds of the masses. We are no longer the United States of America. We are the fractured, dysfunctional and divided States of America. The China Virus and the news media have manipulated us to become isolated prisoners of our homes and our masks. Together, they’ve taught us to hide, live in fear and cower on a personal basis. On a national level, they’ve destroyed billions of dollars of industry and revenues of employment. We’ve become a nation divided by race, masks, vaccination cards and citizenship. But…” Dramatic. Pause. Pause. Pause. “The China Virus is but a walk in the park compared to what I have seen in my forecollections.” 

D.C. held up the manuscript and flipped through the pages until he found the page he was looking for and began reading. 

The Forecollection of Three Anarchist American Hackers.” He stopped and gave the camera a quick, pay-attention-to-what-I’m-about-to-say, look. “And so it may be, that three American ivy league anarchists will hack into our largest financial institute and clear the accounts of millions of customers. Thus, leaving a large swath of our population without any money. Image how this will set off a run on the banks and ignite a fire of financial collapse of our economy.” He stopped, looked into the camera once more and flipped through the pages again.

The Forecollection of the Bear and the Hornets. And so it may be, that you can kill a bear that is attacking you with a gun. But you can not kill a swarm of hornets determined to kill you with the same gun.  And so it may be, that Russia or China will launch a massive nuclear drone attack on America. Thousands of little Hornet drones will be scattered across the country in swarms. Each carry enough nuclear power to destroy thousands of key small areas of dominated important. Our Airforce and military will be incapable of stopping them all.” D.C. stopped reading and found one final page in the manuscript.  

“And finally, The Forecollection of the China Electronic Virus. And so it may be, that China will send viruses in cell phones, TVs and other electronics that are manufactured in their country. These are more than just software viruses that affect the function of the electronics. They are real physical viruses that are capable of going from digital data to the flesh of the consumer and cause them to…”

D.C. turned his stare to the ground and began to bite his lip. This pause wasn’t purposely put in place to catch the viewers attention. It was an attempt to control the flood of emotions that were now rising from within his soul and stirring within his mind. Sadness. Anger. Tears. 

“My fellow Americans, for God’s sake, please listen and take heed. It will not be our government that come to our rescue when or if, these atrocities happen.” Determination and frustration now motivated his words and his voice raised to a heated level. “They are so far disconnected with the reality of the common American citizen. We live here…” He motioned to the world around him. “…with financial struggle, fear for our futures and deep concern for our safety, health and well-being.” 

“They, on the other hand, live in their glass bubbles in towers of power and greed, headquartered in Washington D.C. and CEO offices across the country. They have no financial worries. They have no concerned for the common man or the struggling woman. They pursue their American dream of fancy cars, big houses and world travel. We, the people, that put them in their place of employment become the bastard, red-headed, step-children to their new family. Power. Politics. Greed.

We all saw with our own eyes, live, and on the news, what happened to the residents of New Orleans when Katrina devastated the city. They had days of warning to prepare. Yet, because of political bantering and bullshit, bureaucratic red-tape, and just downright incompetence, they couldn’t get survival provisions to the helpless poor that were force to remain. This wasn’t a war fought in a goddamn third world country across the globe. It was a fu… “he was about to us the F-word but stopped himself. “…an American city filled with citizens during a time of peace. Now multiply an even more tragic scenario to every city in the country and what do you think is going to happen?” 

“Our local medical, police and fire personal—God love them—will make a valiant effort to keep this country from crumbling. But sadly, they too will crumble between the pressures of choosing to do what’s morally right for the country and it’s citizens and following the instructions and evil intentions of their leaders a.k.a their only source of safety and income. And because most will choose the first, local police departments will be dissolved and dis-powered and replace with the military back Homeland Security. When this country becomes a militarily controlled nation, with greedy and evil puppet masters pulling their strings, this will be the sign that Our Finest Hour is drawing near.”

“And by the way, every time you see a first responder, be it a police officer or fireman or you come across a veteran or active soldier, greet them friendly. Thank them for their services. Buy them a coffee. Compliment their efforts. Ask them if they’re part of TheReadys network. If not, tell them to go to our website, We need as many of these brave people as we can get into our network. The enemy wants you to think they’re the bad guys, but they’re not. 

“Yes, unfortunately, even with all their gallantry and heroism, they will not be the ones who save this great nation from the brink of collapse. It will be, you,” D.C. pointed to the camera. “The average American citizen, working together within our extensive network of SSEPers and preppers, all united under two national flags.“ The camera moved to the barn displaying the American and TheReadys flags. “And guided by the contents of this book!” The camera moved in on the cover of the manuscript.

“My fellow Americans, I do not have all the answers. I don’t have all the skills and honestly I don’t have the desire to lead this great country into its…” D.C. made one last final pause. “…trials and tribulations like we’ve never seen as a nation. But I have the resolve. I have the will-power. And I have the determination to guide it through Our Finest Hour. I am even willing to die…

The green signal light at the top of his monitor turned red. He was no longer streaming live. They had shut him down. He looked at his watch. Six minutes and twenty seconds. A full two minutes longer than he expected. Fate had smiled upon him.

…like a bird on a wire. That sentence was the first thing to immediately filled his thoughts. It found it’s way through all his emotions. It erupted through his nervousness. Where did that line come from? It wasn’t in his script that he had written and spent hours memorizing. Hmmm. He wondered. Once again, he felt the Hand of Providence speaking through him. She was always doing that to him. 

 D.C. took one more glance at The Salvation of Our Nation manuscript before he set it down on the potting bench. He then proceeded to quickly picked up several spilled marigold starter pots, a box of tomato fertilizer and then he toss several half-eaten radishes and cucumbers into the compost pile. The squirrels had had a heyday with the place. They were foraging and preparing themselves for the winter. 


He wondered if one day he’d have to eat those same squirrels for his own survival. He picked up his manuscript. He hoped and prayed that it would never get to that. But hope and prayers where only the first part of one’s manifestation equation. Faith, followed by actions of affirmation, came next. He had set the ball of action rolling. He had the faith. Now it would be up to them, TheReadys, to change the course of history and save America. Just as he forecollected it.


How far down the toilet of degeneration does America have to sink before someone steps in and with, cohesion, courage and genius creativity, pulls it out of the shithole it’s spinning in? Just about this far down.
But it’s not going to be an elected political leader that comes to the rescue of our great nation. It won’t be a corporate CEO that saves this country either. And it sure in the hell isn’t going to be a religious leader that liberates America from this evil. 
Enter D.C. Hauk.
One very uncommon, common man. “The Readys” is the story of D.C. Hauk’s mission to save America from the brink of collapse. Its initial plot is pulled from today’s headlines. Vaccinations. Voter IDs. Global warming. Its future plot will become the headlines of tomorrow. 

In the midst of a world-wide, planned-demic, America’s political and corporate leaders are making decisions, policies and laws that are just so anti-democratic, so morally deprived and so unbelievably asinine, that there’s only one logical conclusion. Someone or something has hijacked the minds, bodies and perhaps even the souls of our political leaders and are using them to manifest their evil agenda: To bring the greatest nation on Earth to its cowering knees. Destroy it. Damn it. Dominate it. 
D.C. Hauk is not going to let that happen. 
Gifted with the power of prophecy or what he calls “forecollections”, D.C. has already proved to himself and the rest of the world that he has the supernatural knowledge and insight to unite people and save lives. Armed with his forecollections and his network of volunteer heroes called TheReadys, he’s already rescued the small town of White Birch, Indiana from a F-4 tornado that he predicted would hit a year before it happened.  
One would think this miracle alone would have made him internationally famous. However, the social media powers-to-be has censured him. The liberal news has branded his incredible charm, charisma and communication skills—“that of the Anti-Christ.” The government is watching his every movement and word.
But to others, the majority of American citizens, D.C. Hauk is the answer to their prayers. He’s not afraid to speak the truth or cross the lines of controversy and civility. He presents answers to problems and gets things done. But what endures him to the common person, is that he is a common person just like them. That is why TheReadys network is exponentially growing by the day. It’s not about what political party you belong to. It’s not about your race or vaccine card. It’s about what’s best for the common American citizen.
But is D.C. Hauk a savior or The Savior?
From his troubled past, to his politically incorrect present, he puts forth in his blogs and videos, amazing answers to the world’s problems, insights that can only be defined as either supernatural or creatively genius and inspirational wisdom that changes the lives of those who join his TheReadys network. D.C. Hauk is bound to become legendary. His forecollections are destined to change the world. And both he and his book are fated by the Hands of Providence to be The Salvation of our Nation.  


The Hoosier Girl

In his debut novel, The. Hoosier. Girl. author Harry Sneed has shown the literary world a uniqueness in dialog and plot. His talent for engaging storytelling and creating captivating characters has earned him rave reviews on Amazon. Now it’s time for Harry to use those same skills to shake up the reading world with a new genre of literature called Faction. It’s where fact is birthed from the pages of fiction

Harry Sneed’s new novel, “The Readys” is like no other book in the world. It’s the first of its kind in a brand-new genre of literature created by the author called FACTION. Where fiction from the pages of a book manifests itself into the factual realm of reality. “The Readys” is part fantasy, part sci-fi. Part self-help and part prophecy. It’s also a guide for Self-Sufficiency and Emergency Preparedness People (SSEPPers). If that’s not enough to draw you into the hypercreative mind of Harry Sneed and his story-telling talent, then accept a free reading of the first chapter of “The Readys“” below. If you’re not totally hooked after the first 4,000 words, then you have nothing to lose but the time it took you to read it.

However, if you’re captivated, intrigued or just want to follow what’s going to happen next in the life of D.C. Hauk, then keep reading in a style that Harry is championing called Pay-Per-Chapter Publishing. No longer does the reader have to pay full price for a book, only to find that they didn’t like it. With Pay-Per-Chapter Publishing you buy one chapter at a time for a small fee directly from the publisher or in many cases from the authors themselves. Think of it like purchasing a single song from your favorite music app. You no longer have to purchase the entire album, only to like two songs on the entire record. In Pay-Per-Chapter Publishing, if you find that you don’t like the book after a couple of chapters, then you don’t buy anymore. It’s that simple. 

But what makes Harry Sneed’s “The Readys” so life-altering and history-making, is that it’s a portal to a network of amazing people who are working in real-time to take the words from the pages of “TheReadys”  and manifesting them into a plan of action designed to truly be The Salvation of our Nation


Goddess Bless America!
-D.C. Hauk